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  • Florida police attempt to use dead man's finger to unlock his smartphone

    That is why Apple has 24 hrs time period build into iOS, after which a pass code needs to be used for unlocking.
  • Researcher estimates GrayKey can unlock 6-digit iPhone passcode in 11 hours, here's how to...

    Soli said:
    By my last count, since you can't use emoji in your passcode (yet), a 4-character passcode with the iOS keyboard is a little over 1 billion combinations.
    The formula is n^x, where n is how many possible values a character can have, and x is the number of such characters, that can be independently chosen. 
    So, for alpha numerical combination containing a..z, A..Z, 0..9 and special symbols like `[email protected]#$%^&*()_+-=;:'"[]{}.,
    that would be roughly 88^x. 
    Assuming 10ms time for each attempt, we get:
    Regular 4 digit code:                                                   10,000 combinations - 1m 40s to unlock (at most).
    Regular 6 digit code:                                              1,000,000 combinations - 2h 47m  to unlock (at most).
    Alpha-numeric 4 character code:                         59,969,536 combinations - 7 days  to unlock (at most).
    Alpha-numeric 6 character  code:               464,404,086,784 combinations - 147 YEARS  to unlock (at most).
    Alpha-numeric 8 character code:      3,596,345,248,055,296 combinations - 1,140,393 YEARS  to unlock (at most)
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  • Stephen Hawking dies at age 76, Apple's Tim Cook pays tribute

    sans said:
    I hope they have something on the front page at Apple.
    They do. A blank white page with words "an error occurred while processing the directive".
    Apple's website literally could not comprehend the news.

    upd. They have fixed it now and now it is just a regular apple website main page.
  • Text of FCC 'Proposal to Restore Internet Freedom' released, eradicates net neutrality rul...

    What happens when public policy is written by corporate lawyers and lobbyists. I oppose this change by the FCC. It does not serve the interest of the general public, nor does it protect the general public from corporate  shenanigans.

    Verizon’s statement amounts to: trust us. Kill the regulations and protections and trust us not to be greedy about Internet fast lanes and “pay to play” access to content. Whoops, Apple didn’t pay Verizon a tithe, so we’re going to slow down your downloads from iTunes Store to a crawl. Apple Music is buffering? Aww, maybe sign up for music streaming from one of or “preferred partners” who’ve paid us for the privilege. Never trust the wolves to watch over the flock.
    Why are you forgetting that there always be someone else to offer better plans and undercut that overly greedy company? That is how disruptions occur. Uber was not mandated by the gov-t, but it surely disrupted taxi industry for good. Don't like uber? Fine, don't use it.
  • iPhone X preorders could top 50 million, but TrueDepth camera is bottleneck for Apple

    MacPro said:
    Obviously a flop!  /s
    Even iPhone 8/+ is. I had showed up at KS local Apple store both on Saturday and Sunday and was told that:
    1). Waiting time is 25-30 minutes to buy anything with the exception of accessories. (the place was quite crowded)
    2). They already sold out all models of iPhone8 space grey 64GB (unlocked or carrier locked option).

    When I tried my luck at the local ATT store, I was told that they are out of space grey 64GB models, and the backlog is about 2 weeks.