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  • HomePod software update 14.3 now available

    mobird said:
    stevemebs said:
    I ordered mine on the first day available and still waiting here in Canada - should be delivered between "24 Dec - 5 Jan".

    Intercom question: if you use the HPM to send an intercom message, will it announce the message to people wearing other brands of bluetooth headsets or corded headphones, or only AirPods? I really don't want to buy AirPods for my kids - too easy to lose!
    I believe that Intercom is a feature of the Apple eco-system, it is limited to Apple devices.
    To clarify I do mean other bluetooth headsets and Apple corded headphones connected to Apple devices (iPod touch, iPhones).
  • Apple Arcade has shifted to focus on games with higher 'engagement'

    I really keep trying to like it, and justify what I'm paying each month, but I agree, the games just aren't any good. Many are beautiful (Skate City) but are just too basic and neither myself or my kids have wanted to play any one game more than once or twice.

    I was really hoping to find some good multiplayer games that we could play as a family. Not multiplayer online with strangers, but with family members on the same AppleTV to enjoy the experience together. I have only been able to find one game that 2 people could play, and it was really boring. Simple racing games like MarioKart would be a blast.

    Adding support for Xbox controllers was great, but I find the responsiveness not great, and so many games are impossible to exit with the controller! Frustrating. Our family will now go and try to decide between a Switch, Playstation, or Xbox.
  • Canada launching national contact tracing app built with Apple-Google API

    Good job, Canada! I'm looking forward to downloading it.
  • HTC latest to ape Apple with AirPods knockoff

    You would think they could at least come up with a fresh design for the charging case  :D
  • ecobee launches HomeKit security system with camera, door tags, monitoring service

    cornchip said:
    I don’t want any indoor cameras! Where are all the outdoor HomeKit systems?
    Agreed! Seems strange to roll out yet another indoor camera, especially with 1080p and not 2/4k. I can't see myself ever wanting indoor cameras. I would love to see a good 4k outdoor camera that is battery powered, works in really cold temperatures, and with full HomeKit support from Ecobee. Maybe I'm dreaming?

    I sure do love my Ecobee thermostats and room sensors though! Hopefully Ecobee will keep pushing and creating more. I'd love some smart vents to come from them as well.