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  • Hermes has exclusive $699 AirTag Travel Tag, $570 iPhone 12 MagSafe case

    elijahg said:
    How much??? $699 for $5 of leather, $29 AirTag and $10 assembly cost? The company should be investigated for fraud, what a joke.
    You might call it excessive, extravagant, unaffordable but did you just say Hermes leather is $5 and $10 to assemble? LOL. How many Hermes products do you own to come to that conclusion? Just buy your leather products from Amazon. Just because I cannot afford a Ferrari, I'm not going to make an asinine assertion on the price of aluminum/steel used to make it.
  • Apple disables Group FaceTime as it works on privacy bug fix

    Yes, let's fire the CEO for a "bug" that is sold as products from Google, Amazon, and Facebook that are eavesdropping 24/7. Makes sense - a software error means they cannot POSSIBLY be serious about privacy!
    markbyrn said:
    Mr. Cook grandstands as social activist and prattles on about privacy while his bungling engineers have turned the iPhone into a remotely controlled eavesdropping device.  
  • Nevada man thanks Siri for surviving serious Jeep crash

    MacPro said:
    iPhones are designed to call emergency services even without activation or when roaming on different networks.
    Huh? All cellphones ever built can call 911 without activation or when roaming on different networks. iPhones are nothing special.

    It's why we pay a 911 tax (at least in Canada, I'm not sure about you in the US.) The 911 call is routed through Bell Canada's network (ie, here in Canada, I'm not sure who carries it in the US) I once read. So Bell should be getting some of that 911 tax money in compensation for carrying those emergency calls.
    Before Apple introduced Siri and the others copied, how exactly would you, if paralyzed, call 911?
    Its Canada. Just say "Please" first...
  • Apple thanks Korean police for seizing $900,000 of counterfeit accessories

    Did the shipment belong to that guy on YouTube always bitching about Apple repairs? You know another video will be incoming with that dorky microphone of his across the cheek.
  • Declining iPhone sales in India is a sign Apple is failing to adapt its business

    Seriously? Apple is failing because of cheaper competition? Bullcrap people talk always is annoying... Apple's pricing relative to rest of the world and India is the issue - a 999$ Note 9 sells for 999$ equivalent in India but a 999$ Iphone Xs sells for 1400$ in India, the new macbook air is almost twice as expensive as the old one it replaces in India, it is infact cheaper to buy a non-touchbar retina macbook pro in India, the one that was never updated this year. India isn't a poor country, neither is the country behind cheap products but we are not stupid enough to invest crap loads of money for no reason... Just a foot note - iPhone Xr, starts at 1050$ in India and they wonder why they can't crack the market...
    Shouldn't you do your own research before blabbering? A quick search shows the the higher pricing is because of protective measures of Indian market and Apple not having a manufacturing facility there. ( Are you saying that Apple should open a charity for India and compromise on the margin? Brilliant way to "crack a market", eh? Sell for a loss, if need be because we HAVE to sell to India and China. I wonder how much $$ does the India market spend on the App Store? If it wasn't for the dumb Wall Street expectation of growth, Apple shouldn't even target India and China.