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  • Apple broke its quarterly financial record, but fell short of expectations - what analysts...

    Hey, let me share a little love for Wall Street and the analysts. Their constant and reliable misreading of apple share values has allowed me to build up a nice little stock of them during the crazy sell offs!😀
  • Insultingly, Facebook continues to try to convince users that privacy-violating targeted a...

    Agree with everything in the article and don't use Facebook but ... I have friends who do. I know! The Shame! : ) I try to steer them to the path of virtue but am not familiar with social media alternatives. Could AppleInsider do a review of the alternatives?
  • Apple Silicon switch could lead to lower-cost Mac lineups, analyst says

    The cost of the chip might reduce but the cost of developing the next one and keeping ahead of Intel will not. It's not just a matter of reusing iPhone chips - Mac chips will need their own special sauce. Apple should use any spare to invest in research to increase the distance between Macintosh and the rest.
  • EU will appeal against Apple and Ireland's $14.4 billion tax case ruling

    razorpit said:
    crowley said:
    Rick601 said:
    The problem of socialism is that sooner or
    later you run out
    of other people’s money (M. Thatcher). So you are always on the hunt to find more.  
    Would that be the M Thatcher whose Tory government never once posted a budget surplus during her tenure and sold off national assets at bargain basement prices?

    I wouldn't trust her opinions on any matter, let alone financial ones.
    Well to be fair it is the government. The only product they make is more government. Don’t know if it’s a good thing their “income” exceeds their expenditures. Any money coming in to government is going to be spent somewhere.
    Funny, our government currently makes schools, hospitals, local medical services, roads, anti-pollution rules, runs the police, protects us against invasion etc. and a range of other things. It used to make railways, electricity, gas, telecoms and a whole range of other things prior to the financially-challenged M. Thatcher. If your government isn't doing anything for you I suggest you change it friend! : )
  • UK 'racing' to improve contact tracing privacy without Apple and Google

    Everything Darkpaw said. It will be another example of the UK government doing the wrong thing at the right time and then eventually doing the right thing when its too late - the wrong time.

    And the UK government history of failure with large scale IT projects is so extensive you could fill a book of case studies.

    It's almost as if Johnson and co. just wanted to give money to their questionable mates?