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  • $99 annual Apple Music subscriptions auto-renew at discounted price - report

    tswiers said:
    When I went to the paypal online store to purchase my annual Apple Music subscription for $99 I found out that if I used my paypal credit account to pay with, I got a instant discount of $5. $94 for 12 months!
    Did you cancel your monthly subscription before applying the code in your iTunes account?
  • UMG moratorium on exclusives may have killed Lady Gaga deal with Apple Music

    holyone said:
    Those buffoons don't they get that the music industry is the Titanic streaming is literally the last deck with lights on. Biting the hand that feeds you will only put exploiter supper evil mega corps like UMG out of business, can't wait till all artists in all fields are freely independent and retain all the benefits of their labours, not that I fully support what Frank did seems a bit shady but one can understand
    Lucian Grainge's furor over Frank Ocean's FU moment is about the survival of record labels. With deep pockets like Apple dabbling in recording artist promotion and production (music videos now, more to come!), record labels are seeing themselves die right before their own eyes. What Grainge fails to see, or maybe he sees quite clearly, is that releasing your music on a major label is the original form of exclusivity. You can't put your single or album out on Sony, Warner and Universal at the same time and let the market decide which label to buy it from. Grainge wants to keep control of artists through label exclusivity, and major acts with a ridiculously large fan base are deciding they can do better on their own (or, at least in the case of Madonna, basically guarantee her tours — where the real money is made — are the top-grossing concerts that year in the United States).
  • Apple issues iOS 9.3.5 update, patching serious security issues discovered just 10 days ago

    lkrupp said:
    But we never hear of actual, confirmed and verified cases of users’ identity or personal data being compromised in the wild...
    Not as such, but I'd be willing to bet money these larger, more public data breaches (think DNC, nearly everything Wikileaks gets, etc) started by hackers accessing unprotected users' mobile devices, lifting credentials from there, then easily penetrating sensitive systems using legitimate access criteria.
  • How to use your iPhone to see what political affiliation Facebook thinks you have

    When in the hell did I give anyone any permission to upload any information to Facebook?
    This happens when you "agree" to the Terms and Conditions of using the service. This is usually buried deep in the scroll of the T's&C's, and nobody reads it. And let's say you agree to the terms to use an app, and then the app breaks your phone. They've probably inserted a paragraph in the terms saying that you agree to settle disputes through arbitration and not a lawsuit. It's out of control.
    tallest skil
  • 10th anniversary Apple Music Festival to start Sept. 18 in London

    This festival has always been held in London. It's shown live and on-demand streamed worldwide via AppleTV (and now Beats 1). In recent years, Apple has also held a music festival in Texas (Austin if I recall correctly) so it is also held in the United States.