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  • Tim Cook changes Twitter name to 'Tim Apple' in response to Trump gaffe

    ElCapitan said:
    ElCapitan said:
    Tim does not in any way represent the legacy of Apple. Him taking that name is an insult to everyone who carried Apple. 
    Given that Jobs hand-selected the guy, this seems false at its face.

    Also "everyone who carried Apple." Who is inside that classification?
    Every day Tim is spitting in the face of the Mac users, the great programmers who made MacOS and great, game changing applications a reality. These are the men and women who carried the Apple through the hard years while Tim was still at Compaq. He also spits in the face of all those customers who believed in the company despite the continuous and relentless onslaught by the press, the finance sector, the naysayers in enterprise IT and telecoms, and Microsoft in particular. Without them, Apple would have been long gone, and you all would have been stuck with not so great products. 

    It is a disgrace how the Mac has been handled under his "leadership". It is a disgrace how he has politicized the company and it will backfire on him spectacularly in the long run.
    ElCapitan is full of shit......
  • Apple's iPhone, iPad & more targeted in new lawsuit over LTE patents

    buckkalu said:
    Or maybe Apple should be fair and pay what is owed for using licensed technology.  Why does Apple always get the benefit of the doubt here. Apple is just as greedy.
    And you're and idiot troll......
  • Grocer Kroger launches QR code-based payment service, snubs Apple Pay

    USMC5939 said:
    That's a bummer. So if it's an app, can it have a thing linked to it in Wallet? If not, I probably won't bother, though the card readers at the self checkouts at my local QFC are infuriatingly unreliable. Been hoping to be able to use Wallet on the Watch to check out at some point. Oh well.
    If it's anything like Walmart pay, then no. I have my Kroger rewards card in my Wallet app, and that's good enough for me. I've no interest in using any more standalone payment services. This is getting ridiculous with every company wanting their own piece of the pie, and forcing more confusion on customers. In addition, it is well-known that services like Walmart Pay scan your purchases (to find "savings" or build "recommendations"), but we all know they are logging information about who buys what, just to sell that information off to some advertiser. Apple Pay does not leak any details about purchases, so I think I will stick with that. I feel Kroger made a huge misstep here when they could have easily set up access for Apple Pay instead of devoting resources to make their own app (or to have it built in to their existing app), and it will probably be used by a very, very small number of people (I've never seen anyone use Walmart Pay and Walmart is always infinitely more crowded than Kroger is where I live).
    I tired Walmart Pay 2 times a few years ago it didn't work so I deleted the app.
  • Verizon throttled California fire department's data as it fought wildfires

    entropys said:
    This has nothing to do with net neutrality, but the inappropriate phone contract County Fire chose with Verizon. Verizon, as you would expect, handled this badly, becuase it is Verizon. But really, wtf was Santa Clara doing buying a contract for emergency services that included throttling after a certain bandwidth was used?

    So to cover up its mistake, County Fire has sent out the distraction squirrel of net neutrality. The political operatives in charge must think the average Californian is an idiot.
    Am I wrong, but don't all Verizon plans throttle after a certain point, just the "unlimited" throttle at like 50 GB or something.
    It's 22 gig then they throttle...
  • Sen. Feinstein claims FBI paid $900K to crack San Bernardino shooter's iPhone

    Soli said:
    volcan said:
    Soli said:
    What a worthless expense.
    Just pocket change compared to Trump's weekend visits to Mar Lago - $3.6 million each.
    Mr. Trump can afford it from his own pocket.
    LOL I love your blind faith which gets you to say that he can afford it which in your mind means he's paying for it. The entire scam is about profiting off the people and you're one of the people that are letting him get away with it.

    And it's not just about saving money on travel expenses, it's about being able to raise the cost of all his failing endeavours across the board so he can make more money off actual taxpayers. Gov't employees have to reside and eat at Mar-a-lago because he's there. Same goes for Trump Tower, which is the real reason why Melania is staying in NY. 

    You know he's taking his POTUS payments, even after he said he wouldn't, right? You were duped.
    And you know this how??? I don't trust fake news.