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  • Apple to launch branded over-ear headphones as soon as this year

    Kuo says Apple is aiming to deliver a product that boasts the convenience of AirPods but with better acoustic qualities.

    Considering the above is referencing big ass over the ear headphones, the quote is idiotic.
    I wouldn't go that far. Convenience comes in many forms, like the W1 chip for pairing and switching sources. Then if it's wireless with inductive charging with a battery that exceeds AirPods between placing them back in their case for charging or especially if they exceed the total time of the charging case time (which is very doubtful) plus higher quality audio and better comfort that would be more convenient. I'd love to have AirPods but the discomfort from that type of earbud is inconvenient to my usability.
    brian greeneideard
  • Apple to launch branded over-ear headphones as soon as this year

    I'd love for some tiny, bone-conducting headphone that are supported over and behind the ear.
    brian greeniqatedogoodbyeranch
  • iTunes Store to stop working for first-gen Apple TV & older Windows PCs on May 25

    The original Apple TV came out in 2007—before the iPhone—and was switched from being Intel-based to ARM-based in 2010. That's a pretty damn good run, and I have to think that people that are still using that Apple TV aren't big on buying or renting content from the iTunes Store.
  • Apple's AirPower mat inches closer to release, again said to arrive in March

    I dunno... this is just part of the bizarre shortsightedness and lack of preplanning that seems to inflict Apple at times. They made a conscious decision to change the new iPhones to wireless charging, yet had no advance thoughts about manufacturing and selling these charging pads at the same time the new products went on sale.

    Reminds me of when Apple introduced the Pencil and none of the Apple protective cases for sale had any means of including the Pencil for carrying, as has been standard issue for notepads and organizers (like a dead simple pen loop) for decades.
    Not exactly the same thing. For it to be similar Apple would have to have sold the Pencil and then you realized that there were options for over a half a decade to hold your Pencil in pretty much every possible way. Qi isn't controlled by Apple so anyone that wants inductive charging should already be using it.
  • Apple's Irish tax bill close to finalization, "in the ballpark" of $16 billion

    Would be cheaper to buy Ireland and withdraw it from the EU. 
     And just rename it iReland? (Are we still doing lower-case 'i' jokes in 2018? There's probably a Mick/Mac joke, but I think that may be an offensive term.)