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  • Another rumor claims 'iPhone 7' will drop headphone jack, gain waterproofing & wireless charging

    Water resistance is high on my list.  Too many times that I'm outside and worried about pulling my phone out in the rain, or walking in the woods with the dogs.  ...
    That degree of water resistance (walking in the rain) has been in the iPhone for many generations now.  The current one (iPhone 6s) you can even drop in the toilet and if you pull it out within a minute or so, no problem.  
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  • Another rumor claims 'iPhone 7' will drop headphone jack, gain waterproofing & wireless charging

    The wireless charging thing sounds like pure fantasy to me.  The reason being it's physically impossible to do it without making the phone at least a millimetre or more thicker.  

    If wireless charging were in the road map, Apple wouldn't have spent the last few years shaving fractions of millimetres off of the iPhone's thickness, knowing that they are going to have to add a full millimetre back for wireless charging.  What component is there in the phone who's "thin-ification" this year could possibly give them the necessary space to add in wireless charging?  

    The way they talk about waterproofing being perhaps "pulled" is also highly suspicious.  Waterproofing is something that affects every component and involves the whole integrated design, yet they talk about it being "pulled" as if there was a waterproofing chip or something that might be left out if time and money didn't permit.  

    I would file this whole report under "senseless guessing."
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook earned $10.3M in 2015, Angela Ahrendts highest paid exec

    Seems like a definite misnomer to say he "earned" it.  More accurate would be just to say that "this is what he is/was paid."  

    Executive salaries are typically affected by many factors, but almost none of them relate to the person's actual, material contributions to the company.  A ditch digger "earns" their wages, an executive ... not so much. 
  • Apple again rumored to drop 3.5mm headphone jack from 'iPhone 7' for Lightning, Bluetooth

    If you want even a borderline useable device that's well designed, Apple is it.  The only game in town.  If you want integration with your desktop OS, ease of use, reliable designs, and the whole ecosystem, you pretty much have to go Apple.  There is no alternative.  At least no rational, "good" alternative.  

    I think both Apple and the press seriously underestimate how many people there are that think Apple has actually become a kind of shitty company, with very well designed but seriously overpriced products ... but then they still buy them because there's nothing else out there.  I think that lots of folks actually feel trapped in the Apple ecosystem now, but because they keep buying ... Apple is under the impression that all is well and good. 
    total nonsense. they aren't overpriced by nature -- theyre the biggest selling CE devices ever, which means people are more than willing to pay the price being asked. and even still they dont even represent a majority of the market share, so there are indeed viable, useable alternatives. ask any fandroid.
    I know you like to be Mr. Contrary, but technically, considering that Apple's margins are known to be double, triple or even quadruple a lot of their competitors, then by definition they are "overpriced."  In any case, price is subjective and I was just stating my opinion. 

    Edit:  More evidence - the average Android phone in my neighbourhood is $200-$400 and has 32GB of storage.  I buy an iPhone each year instead which is 16GB and costs me roughly $1000 after taxes.  Smaller phone, roughly the same specs otherwise, 3-4 times the price.
  • Apple Pencil's 'incredible' design packs 15 semiconductors into small space

    Or one of the many, many grips already sold for ... pencils and pens. 
    I’ve never understood the point of those grips. Just get some putty and wrap it around. That would conform perfectly to YOUR hand.

    Also my quotes still refuse to truncate to only the person I’m quoting.
    I don't think any serious artist I've ever met (including myself) uses those things either.  I was just pointing out that they are there.  
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