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  • Grid Connect, iHome & iDevices debut new Apple HomeKit accessories

    I was an early adopter of iHome's Airplay speakers and they were horrible.  They never really worked right and their service (in dealing with my problems) kind of sucked also.  Eventually I had to chuck the speakers in the trash and buy all new ones from someone else.  Hundreds and hundreds of dollars down the drain.  

    The whole company strikes me as a bit "challenged."  Would not recommend.  :(
  • Apple Pencil's 'incredible' design packs 15 semiconductors into small space

    sflocal said:
    polymnia said:
    I find weight & balance great.

    I am looking forward to 3rd party grips. I'd prefer something a bit thicker & grippier.

    Maybe the same 3rd party will make some 4th Gen AppleTV Siri Remote grips to help me tell front from back end.
    I would think that could be solved by just fitting a rubber tube one the pencil right?  Like an automotive fuel line hose, or surgical tubing, etc.. ?
    Or one of the many, many grips already sold for ... pencils and pens.  

    It's the same size isn't it?

  • Apple again rumored to drop 3.5mm headphone jack from 'iPhone 7' for Lightning, Bluetooth

    gwydion said:
    So Apple released a MacBook with no ports other than usb, and you guys are now surprised that this might be happening? In the future I see iPhones only coming with usb c.... 

    if we let you guys tell it, the iPhone will still use a headphone jack 100 years from now.
    And why is bad using a headphone jack?
    Because it was designed in 1878 (137 years ago!), and is pretty much the last analogue connector that exists in a world that has long since gone digital.  

    Considering the rapid pace of technology, it's a miracle that it still exists really.  
  • Hunter debuts first HomeKit-connected ceiling fans

    As someone in the market for a ceiling fan lately my biggest question is why they are all so hideously ugly.  These are no exception.  

    Why, if I want a ceiling fan, do all the manufacturers assume I'm some hick from Arkansas with a mostly fake wood grain decor that's only alleviated by hints of cheap crappy brass?  Even that white one is pretty silly looking.  Where are all the elegant, attractive ceiling fans?  Or do they exist at all?  

    I really don't see any real world advantage (beyond the novelty) of controlling it with my iPhone either.  
  • Lawsuit alleges Apple feigned partnership with Valencell to glean key Apple Watch heart rate sensor

    Soli said:
    Should companies be held to ethical standard, or only calculate based on risk and reward?
    Companies in the USA get to pretend they are people and have "human rights," therefore they have the same human responsibilities (toward ethical behaviour) that we all have.  So yeah, they do have to behave ethically.  

    Even if you take the counter argument (the common sense "left-wing" one that most companies eschew), that companies aren't people ... then the company is merely an instrument and the responsibility (to behave ethically) remains and is deflected onto the owners and operators.  

    Therefore, despite your implication, there is actually never a time when a company isn't required to act ethically.  
    No one is above the law (at least technically).