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  • Apple TV universal search integration expands to PBS and PBS Kids, suggests API now open

    elijahg said:
    Great... But why the hell cant Siri/universal search find anything in my locally connected iTunes library? It's completely stupid. I ask Siri to watch something that's in my library and accessible through the "computers" app, and yet it directs me to buy it from iTunes or watch on Netflix. 

    The new new AppleTV is good but certainly not great IMO. I get weird lag quite often where things take a while to respond, the on-screen keyboard is a serious downgrade from the old one and locally stored TV shows are STILL listed really badly. On the first AppleTV (the Intel one) the seasons for a particular TV show were all grouped together. Now you have to scroll endlessly through X seasons of each show to find what you're after. It's stupid.

    With 32/64gb available also, why can't we sync movies/TV shows to store on the box like the original could? Means you have to have iTunes running on a powered on Mac/PC to watch anything local. Totally ridiculous. 
    Apple is de-emphasising the local library in favour of the cloud.  I would expect they will never allow local searching because all their efforts are about driving folks to the cloud.  

    On another note ... the article says that the search for Netflix works, but it's never worked for me.  My search finds absolutely nothing except what Apple has in the cloud.  It directs me to the iTunes store every single time even if the movie is in Netflix or on my local iTunes or both.  

    Is this another one of those (many) features that works for the folks in California, so it's considered to be "done" already?  Has this worked for anyone?   
  • How to make iOS 9's default apps disappear

    entropys said:
    I am sure they have been working real real hard to have them removable, ever since 2007.

    For a company that prides itself on having no adware in macs, it is surprising they have these in iOS. I couldnt give give a stuff personally, they all live maintenance free in a folder called 'useless' on the last home screen, where I forget they exist.
    Apple has actually recently started putting adverts in OS X as well as iOS.  For instance the store app will always open to the promotions page, even if you call it from a dialogue about an update.  And two of the five tabs in iTunes show promotional material for Apple Music unless you dig into the settings and disable it.  All new installations of iTunes will show a bunch more things about Apple Music and a splash screen unless you disable that as well.  

    It's definitely not as bad as iOS which has even more adverts for Apple services, but they are there in OS X already. 

    There has also been a few times lately when all this stuff is reset with an OS update (against the users wishes), to ensure that everyone sees the adverts at least a couple of times.  It's only a matter of time before we see car adverts too I suppose.  
  • Apple TV universal search integration expands to PBS and PBS Kids, suggests API now open

    All I care about is searching local content.  This will likely NEVER happen, because Apple doesn't want you to have it.
  • How to make iOS 9's default apps disappear

    I don't see why people bother with this stuff.  It's not a real solution.  It's hardly any different from having the " crap" folder on the last page that everyone seems to have.  

    Also, I can't think of a single week (certainly not a month), that I haven't had to reboot my phone at least once.  Add that to the multiple OS updates each year and you will be performing this nonsense at least a couple of dozen times a year.  For what?  One would have to be crazy obsessive to do this, and keep it up.  
  • Another F for Alphabet: U.S. Marines reject Google's other android as too loud to use

    Just to be "that person," ... those are robots, not androids.  

    Just because Google chose the wrong name for their OS and decided to screw up the long history of the definition of these words for everyone, doesn't mean we have to acquiesce.  A robot is a robot and and android is an android.  These are ALL robots (except where they are actually just automata pretending to be robots).  

    Androids are non-mechanical simulacra of animal beings.  A robot is a mechanical simulation an animal being, (or of some portion of an animal being). 
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