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  • Review: Polar A360 fitness tracker makes ease-of-use a top priority

    I use my iPhone to track my walking assiduously, and would totally buy a fitness tracker, (especially if it was more accurate and less expensive than the Apple Watch).  However, they all seem to be just like this thing, which is ugly, clunky, and just something you just generally don't want to have stuck on your arm.  

    Why doesn't someone make a small, subtle fitness tracker that isn't constantly screaming it's design language from your wrist?  One that perhaps sits un-noticed in your pocket or under your clothes and communicates with an app on the smart phone?  Why do designers assume that everyone is comfortable with some jazzy, plastic do-dad that escaped from a 1970's design studio strapped to their wrist?  

    The citizens of Logan's Run might find this attractive, but not me.   
  • What's next for Apple in 2016: New product rumor roundup

    Sorry, MBA is not going retina, it's being phased out. Get a thinner and lighter rMBP when they drop later this year.
    Seriously, Apple, just drop the titles and go with single names. Killing the MacBook only to bring it back, and then the MacBook Air gets killed while leaving the iPad Air (which is really just the regular iPad), and then having an iPad Pro but an iPhone Plus, and then if they bring back the 4” iPhone it won’t be the iPhone Minus, but rather the iPhone Mini…

    iPhone. Comes in three sizes: 4”, 4.7”, & 5.5”.
    iPad. Comes in three sizes: 7.9”, 9.7”, & 12.9”.
    MacBook. Comes in three sizes: 12”, 13.3”, & 15.4”.
    iMac. Comes in three sizes: 21.5”, 27”, and 42”.
    For some reason, the "iPad Air" moniker bothers me the most.  It just sounds chintzy and lame.  Evidence of Apple doubling down on the marketing speak in lieu of actual product development or differentiation IMO.  

    The MacBook Air was something remarkable and very deserving of the "Air" qualifier when it came out.  The "iPad Air"?  Not so much. 
    tallest skil
  • What's next for Apple in 2016: New product rumor roundup

    jakeb said:
    Say what you want about better lightning audio quality, ditching the 3.5 headphone connector would be marketing suicide. People like their headphones and sometimes spend a lot of money on them. Very often from Beats. It will be seen as a negative, not a cool new feature. Has to be a false rumor. 
    I think the "D" connector is a more likely bet for iPhone 7 (if they change the headphone jack at all) than lightning.  

    In any case, whatever they decide to move forward with, it's a fairly safe bet that everything you are hearing about the lightning headphone jack will NOT happen this year.  It's a wild rumour at best, and sites like this keep publishing about it mostly because it's so controversial it drives clicks, and not because it's actually likely to happen. 

    The biggest argument against it is that the iPhone (currently over 7mm thick), will likely take a couple of years to shave off the two millimetres necessary to get it down below 5mm when the headphone jack will finally not fit into the chassis.  Remember the iPod touch is 5mm thick and handles the headphone jack just fine.  

    There is no current crisis.  It's a problem "on the horizon" only.  
  • Apple investor's shareholder proposal could force racial diversity among leadership

    Exactly. 'Positive discrimination' is racism in disguise. Not only that, but it actually helps to FUEL racism and make it worse.
    This is so far from true.  Such a bullshit ridiculous statement.  You need to take a logic class.  You also need to do some research on what racism actually is.  

    Advocating getting rid of all the black people in your community so it's more white? == racist.
    Advocating getting more black people in your community so it's more diverse?  == not racist.

    Denying black people jobs even though they are qualified?  == racist.
    Making sure that qualified black people get a shot at that job? == not racist.

    I could go on, and then you could drag up some bullshit affirmative action example from the middle of the last century, but nothing will really change your mind anyway.
  • Lawsuit seeks more than $5M from Apple for slowing older iPhones with iOS 9 upgrade

    It seems like most of their arguments are basically conspiratorial in nature.  That is, they require Apple to be a sort of underhanded "evil" corporation to be true and repeat conspiracy theory nonsense about Apple's purported intentions and aims.  

    It's a shame because the central complaint about the 4s might actually have some merit, but no one is going to listen to them with all that other nonsense they are spouting about planned obsolescence etc. which is almost certainly unprovable (even if you believe it).  The fact that the lawyer(s) allowed that shit into the complaint is probably an indication that they are just literally writing down whatever the complainants are asking them to and that the whole thing lacks basic reason or sense.  

    Emotionally driven complaints like this hardly ever succeed.