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  • Apple denied Parler re-entry to the App Store despite guideline revision

    As has been said often (not sure who the original author is): "The tech industry needs to learn to distinguish between hate speech and speech they hate." This is clearly the latter.
    Apologises for Godwinning this thread but Apple has specifically called out Nazi symbols in its rejection. If you don’t think neo-Nazis are engaging in hate speech then I really wonder where you draw the line.

    And, yes, dig deep enough and you’ll find the same content on the other social media platforms. The difference being that the other social media platforms on iOS have guidance banning such groups - even if their enforcement of the rules is inconsistent.
  • Buddybuild shutting down three years after Apple acquisition

    I assumed that Apple were going to roll BuddyBuild’s functionality into Apple’s offering but nothing has materialised. Thankfully there’s other companies offering similar services (e.g. Bitrise) now.
  • Prolific indie game porter won't develop for macOS anymore

    lkrupp said:
    Since when have ‘ports’ to the Mac been worth a damn? Sounds to me like a lazy developer unwilling to stay up-to-date.
    There’s no need to insult someone who’s done some stellar work in porting games to Mac over the years and who has vowed to continue supporting those games.
  • Be patient with developers, as a one-day warning before the full iOS 14 release is too sho...

    dysamoria said:
    Which APIs? A beta is supposed to be feature-complete. Sounds more like Apple were doing alpha builds.
    This isn’t unusual for Apple betas. The worst I ever saw happened about five years ago. Apple removed – not just deprecated but removed – iOS’s WiFi scanning API in beta 3 without any prior notice. A lot of IoT apps relied on the API and entire hardware product lines were effectively rendered useless by Apple’s change.

    Thankfully developers managed to convince Apple to reverse course. However there was a good month of radio silence from Apple where companies didn’t know whether their whole business would continue to exist.
  • Apple-Google Exposure Notification system worthless due to privacy policies, health expert...

    Rayz2016 said:
    Oh, the whining …

    And I see the users in the UK trial are complaining about the battery drain, as predicted by just about everybody outside NHSX. 

    Next step for the UK: a humiliating climb down smothered in a pack of lies designed to make it look as though this was the plan all along. 

    “Our original system was designed to provide a test baseline for the eventual rollout of our app using the Apple/Google API. We are pleased to report that the real system, which we always planned to release, is working exactly as we intended.”
    The elephant in the room is that Apple’s new API will only work on devices running the very latest version of iOS (and the same for Android). This kind of app requires mass adoption so Apple and Google new API is next to useless. 

    NHSX were right to explore alternatives.