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  • Apple Park worth $4.17 billion, is one of the world's most expensive buildings

    1st said:
    it is an eye candy for sure.  hopefully, the head quarter curse not apply to Apple (many company built their glory head quarter, just to see the company crumble right after - RIM/blackberry as example).  
    Pixar got a custom Jobs-influenced headquarters and they still seem to be doing just fine ...
  • Editorial: WSJ Jony Ive story scoffed at by Apple experts, delicious to critics

    p-dog said:I have a colleague in the school where I teach who is a die-hard Apple user: iPhone, Mac, iPad. Yet, he believes that Apple’s doom is “right around the corner” unless they release some “revolutionary new innovative product” soon, like in “the good old days”. I keep trying to counter that counter-productive kool-aid he keeps drinking from the likes of Patel and Mr. Trickle, but to no avail. Sigh...
    You know, it really doesn't matter as long as he keeps buying the products ...
  • How to save your Favorites, New and Chill Mixes before Apple Music changes them

    When I find a tune I love, I just make sure it gets downloaded to my computer and add it to one of the playlists I use frequently, and it sticks around.  It finds its way to my phone just fine as well, so I can play it in my car.

    I don't see much value to saving all the playlists since it's usually only one or two tunes I really want to hear again frequently.
  • New Philips Hue bulbs updated with Bluetooth connectivity

    I would just like to see less outrageously expensive hue color bulbs.

    Once $49.95, always $49.95?

    I can wait for the occasional sale but I'd rather be able to buy bulbs when I want them, not when Philips wants me to buy one ... LOL.

  • Cook promises shareholders Apple is 'planting seeds' and 'rolling the dice' on future prod...

    I've read all these comments, and it really surprises me that everyone puts the blame for Apple's problems on Tim Cook.  Tim was never intended to be a product manager.  He was intended to be the one who made the company run smoothly.  Tim's responsible if the announced products don't show up on time, or if they are not easily available upon introduction, etc.  As far as I can tell, those essential functions are being executed better than ever.  I remember how difficult it was to get some iPhone models when they were introduced; now it's pretty easy because he's worked out supply chain kinks to perfection.  So all praise to Cook.

    Steve's heir for product development is Jony Ive.   I don't think anyone disputes his product design chops, particularly in regard to the new iPhones and Apple Watches.  Apple Watch has been quite a success, although it's built more slowly than Apple's other products.  As I'm out and about in the USA, I'm seeing more and more of them around(*).

    Let's consider Apple's breakthrough products.  iPhone was based on iPod.  iPad was based on iPhone.  Apple Watch was based on iPhone.  So we can see Apple's most revolutionary products actually evolved from previous successes.  It's logical to think that if Apple has a new breakthrough product, then, it will evolve from iPhone.  It's even possible that Apple's next breakthrough product could be an evolution of Apple Watch, made to be standalone instead of dependent on iPhone.  

    Moving forward, we will always need something with iPhone's functionality, even if it is no longer an iPhone.  Apple seems like the logical company to produce that device, no matter what it may be. To be honest I think a watch-like device is more likely to be iPhone's successor than glasses or a VR headset.  

    So the real question is whether Apple has lost its way in terms of breakthrough products.  Well, Apple Watch is a breakthrough product in that it has thoroughly disrupted the watch industry and left its Android-based competition reeling.  But it is not (yet) replacing iPhone in the hearts and pockets of customers.  It does show that Apple's product development team can in fact continue to develop fresh products people love.

    What are the next future innovations?  Foldable phones seem interesting but nobody seems to have produced anything like a great one yet.  Apple certainly could.  5G phones are not going to have significant 5G networks for at least a year or two going forward, so I would say there's little point to a 5G Apple phone today.  I am confident that being slightly behind won't be much of a disadvantage since the full standards for 5G are not even set yet.  Better to have a 5G phone when the standards are set and the technology is ripe.

    We are all looking forward to the next big thing.  Let's hope Apple produces it.  Even if it doesn't, it would be surprising if they had no entry into the market.  Sometimes being late to market even works better.  Consider the original iPhone.  It was far from first, but it was the best.  Maybe that's what will happen with the new, new thing.

    Whatever it actually is.

    (*) I am an expat spending most of my time in Costa Rica, which is a lower middle income country with a microscopic Apple market share.  There are iCon stores here, which look like 2/3 scale models of Apple Stores, and they cater mainly to the tourist and expat markets.  Prices are given in US dollars, not local currency, and are about 25% more than US prices.  As a result, almost everyone buys their Apple products in the US and brings them here.  The price difference in most cases easily pays for the round trip flight to the USA!

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