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  • Apple begins selling $4999 27-inch iMac Pro with 8-core CPU, deliveries arrive Dec. 27

    The memory pricing is brutal. More or less as expected, but still disappointing. I wonder if the Mac Pro will be more cost-effective with third party RAM available. 

    Why on earth didn’t they allow third party RAM on this machine?  I would really like to buy the base machine and upgrade over time. 
  • Apple's $4,999 all-in-one iMac Pro launches Thursday, Dec. 14

    I think a lot of my feelings about the all in one design depend on how much the RAM is. In reality the only reason to want slots is to avoid the staggering cost of Apple upgrades. The relatively low price makes me wonder if they might show some restraint on RAM costs. Maybe we can get a price break on 128GB?  That would make a lot of people not care about this issue. The 10-core 128gb units seeded to developers make me wonder if that is the high-value for money configuration. 
  • Apple previews iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac ever built, coming in December

    Can some kind soul give me a guess about the real world difference between these specs and those of the top-end 27" iMac currently available for sale?  

    We can now get 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD for about $3,700.  iMac Pro has double the number of cores, 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD for $4,999.  If I'm using Motion, Final Cut and DaVinci Resolv, how much would I notice the overall speed increase?  Would it eliminate the stuttering on 4K video I get with my current 27" iMac, a Late 2014 27" iMac with a 4GHZ i7?

    I'd love to know how much the new one is with the 4TB SSD and 128GB!  Bet they will charge the earth for that model ...
  • Review: Nyrius Wireless Smart LED Multicolor Light Bulb

    To me the problem with is led lights is the warmth of the colors. They look very cold .... Only if someone figures out how to make them look warm like incandescent lights.
    You would like Philips Hue lights, which have a warm white color mode that would be just perfect for you.  Alas, they still cost $59.95 a bulb.

    They were, in fact, designed to solve this problem, and work great for it, but the downside is that if you like greens and blues they are deficient.  When I bought them a couple of Christmases ago, I wanted to do a red/green effect as Christmas decorations.  The red was beautiful but the green was thin and watery.  Sad.

    I'd be curious to know if Hue lights have improved over the years, or if there are other companies that could give me more saturated colors as well as a variety of white.  The light in this review seems like it might work for my ornamental lighting needs, but I'm a bit scared by the poor support mentioned in the article.  

    Anyone have recommendations in view of my needs?