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  • Rumor: Chinese spy shots show 'iPhone 7' with dual cameras, no home button

    Nope. That thing is beyond ugly, even for post-Steve Jobs Apple. People who complained about the small raised ring around the backside camera on the 6/6s would absolutely lose their minds over this monstrosity no matter how good the camera performance was. Even if this sucker were left in a bar and posted all over Gawker, I still wouldn't believe it. 
  • What to expect from Apple's 'let us loop you in' event today

    toddzrx said:
    I think all of Apple's computer lines, both desktop and laptop, are begging for significant changes.  Given the advent of USB-C, TB3, and Skylake, it would be nice to see redesigns of the Macbook Pro, iMac, and at least updates to everything else.
    There's not much they can do on the MBP line aside from thin it down some more, which may happen but hopefully not at the expense of keyboard impact depth. I'm sure a port redesign will be part of upgrade with at least one USB-C port, possibly two. iMac's are fine in their current form with not much more to shave there without sacrificing CPU power due to reduced cooling capacity. Maybe they could take the new keyboards and make them less ugly while adding a backlight while they're at it. Did we gain anything from that "upgrade" besides a built in battery no one really asked for and an aesthetically weird looking footprint? That's what happens when engineers change something just for the sake of change, so I say don't fix what isn't broke. Add some USB-C ports, a CPU/GPU spec bump and call it good.
  • What to expect from Apple's 'let us loop you in' event today

    knowitall said:

    "Specifically, Apple's MacBook Pro and 12-inch MacBook lineups are both due for upgrades to Apples latest-generation A10 processors. New Macs are likely to make the leap to Apples A10 too, which boosts CPU speeds by up to 20 percent, and also increases power efficiency with a huge factor of 5, making possible 35 hours of battery life and a drop in price of $300 or more ..."

    There, fixed that for you.
    Lol no. Cute, but no. There is zero evidence of OSX builds running on anything other than an Intel platform in the wild, and you're not going to see one until the A series is powerful enough to not only run desktop-level apps specifically coded for it, but legacy x86 apps running in a VM environment like Apple had to do after switching from PowerPC to Intel chips via Rosetta. Sorry, but we are nowhere close to that day, Knowitall, and Apple isn't going to risk their hard-earned market share gains by making every piece of software installed on current systems incompatible at launch just to apease the anti-Intel bunch.

    Kind of surprised you didn't already "know" that...
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  • What to expect from Apple's 'let us loop you in' event today

    Come on 15" Macbook Pro refresh. Daddy needs a new laptop and tired of waiting. 

    As for the new Thunderbolt display, don't bet on it. I read on 9to5Mac that it will most likely be held over another year until Intel released new chips that support 5K video over a single Thunderbolt/USB-C port, which Skylake does not. 
  • Intel's new Optane memory technology could lead to 1000 times faster MacBook storage

    As others have pointed out, the current bottleneck in regards to storage read/write speeds exists not on the storage medium itself but the interlink between processor and storage medium. It's awesome what Intel has done here, but until they either increase the amount or speed of the lanes between the two, you're not going to see any real world performance increase from this, as the current SSD drives are saturating the heck out their SATA 3/6GB or PCI Express connections right now. It's like owning a Ferrari when you live in NYC and never leave the city.