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  • Oculus founder says no Mac support coming until Apple builds 'good' system with better graphics

    Oculus officially "paused" work on Mac support last May. In January Luckey made similarly pessimistic comments about the Mac, saying that support is "on the roadmap post-decent Apple hardware release, whenever that is."
    Pessimistic? No, realistic. Apple doesn't put a lot of emphasis on the sort of graphics support products like the Rift require to function. That's not a cut, that's a statement of fact. My F-150 is a fantastic work and off-road vehicle, but it would get it's hat handed to it on any race track by even the slowest vehicle there. High performance graphics are not a priority to most Mac users, and so Mac's don't normally feature powerful graphics cards. Pointing this out is not an insult, and no one should take it as such. 
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  • Court overturns Apple's $120M patent win against Samsung

    Good, can we just be done with this nonsense now? Chasing a lame patent that should never have been granted in the first place has been a massive waste of both time and money, and done nothing but put Apple's lawyers in a higher tax bracket and fuel the hatred of the feverishly Apple loyal. Samsung made a shift to rounder phones with a touchscreen, big deal. That is clearly where the market was going and what customers wanted. That's how capitalism works, folks. Sony introduces the Walkman, and soon after Panasonic, Sharp, Emerson et all release their version of the Walkman. They're all smallish, battery powered with a headphone port, and they all play cassette tapes. As long as none of the companies copied the underlying tech behind each other's players, or in such cases where doing so was unavoidable they properly licensed said tech (something most other tech companies NOT named Apple usually do because they aren't OCD control freaks) then no harm no foul. That's how the world works: Chevy copies Ford, Ford copies Chevy, Coke copies Pepsi, Pepsi copies Coke, all in the name of giving customers what they want and profiting from that. 
    It's time for this time, money and resources suck to end. 
  • Apple issues new version of iOS 9.2.1 to fix iPhones bricked by 'Error 53'

    kkerst said:
    "The patched software -- which will not be available over the air"

    I guess it can only be updated using iTunes. Retro!
    This makes sense given that affected units were essentially bricked, and wouldn't be able to receive an OTA update anyway. 
  • Apple issues new version of iOS 9.2.1 to fix iPhones bricked by 'Error 53'

    "the update will make disabled iPhones usable again but will not re-enable Touch ID unless the home button is serviced by Apple."

    Touch ID was already disabled the moment the Touch ID sensor was replaced with a non-Touch ID enabled Home Button anyway. Only Apple authorized techs can replace a broken button with a new Touch ID because of the way the sensor interconnects with the secure partition on the A7/8/9 chip, which has been the case since the 5s was released. 
  • White House says FBI wants access to one iPhone, not blanket backdoor from Apple

    What part of "if we make the OS vulnerable for one phone, we make it vulnerable for EVERY phone" does Obama not understand? How many times does Tim have to explain the fact that once a phone is locked, it's either unlocked by the user or wiped by Apple or someone failing to enter the correct passcode multiple times?