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  • Safeway says Apple Pay rolling out across US stores in October

    Perhaps because of merger related activities they've consolidated the credit card processing recently.  The Albertsons that I go to has had ApplePay for quite a while, but the other day it didn't work for me and the clerk told me they wouldn't have ApplePay until mid-October.  My guess is that they recently consolidated onto the legacy Safeway system and that system will be upgraded later this month.
  • T-Mobile's John Legere boosts Apple Watch LTE speed limit in response to customer feedback...

    The carriers need to get their act together on whether they want to sell unlimited or data size plans.  I pay for a 60GB plan because I want to make sure that the performance I receive at the 50th GB is the same as the 1st.  I don't want to buy an "unlimited" plan and have things throttled after 20GB.  If I'm paying for 60GB then I should only have to pay a minimal fee for administration of any additional device, not for anticipated data usage.
  • Apple's Find my iPhone fingers a phone finagler

    His technology posts are typically pretty good but I had to unfollow him on twitter because of his left wing hate rants.  I guess I'll just have to take AI out of my newsfeed too... instead. 
  • What Apple would have to do to comply with Donald Trump's American-built mandate

    bweston said:
    I'm not speaking as a Trump supporter… he's not my guy… but I can't stand media mischaracterizations, and this is just one of a litany of such…

    There was no "mandate", nor did he say anything about "forcing" Apple to do anything. Specific words spoken, in the context of Making America Great Again, were "I think we're going to get things coming. We're going to get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries."

    This reads as if to say "we are going to make Apple WANT to start building their damn computers in this country again"… again, you make America great, manufacturing comes back here. It is irresponsible to use the word "mandate" or to assume that he was talking about doing anything by force.
    Finally - Somebody that actually listens.
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  • How Donald Trump's election as U.S. President could affect Apple

    Ugh...I had to stop following Dilger on Twitter because of his political rants.  He does a pretty good Apple analysis, but it baffles me how someone can can support a free market company and still be a blatant socialist.  Just another product of the socialist brainwashing in schools these days.  But I guess I can thank the Chicken Little sky-is-falling knuckleheads like him that made it a profitable day on wall street for me.  AAPL November 11 call strike price 108 bought for 1.50 this morning, sold for 3.00 at lunch time...100k in about 5 hours.