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  • Adobe Creative Cloud saw major issues worldwide on April 25

    Their app update system is fast, but heavens above: anyone that dares use their file syncing system is in for a world of hurt. It's quicker to save it locally and upload it to a file sharing platform such as Dropbox, iCloud, even WeTransfer, than it is to merely move a single file between devices.
  • AirTag hidden in luggage forces tourists to change vacation plans

    Just a tip: If you find any tracking device on you - then go to a new location prior to disabling it, since the last location will be known to the stalker and you don't want to force their hand to seek you out at your actual location.

    Also instead of throwing out the tracker, consider attaching it to a benign moving object, so that a stalker will be confused and drawn away from you e.g. put it in an envelope and post it to the police, put it in a public waste receptacle, leave it on a bus, etc - just don't put it on another person. You don't want the stalker to have any certainty over your whereabouts.
  • Germany launches antitrust investigation over App Tracking Transparency [u]

    There is a vocal minority that has been busy trying to frame app tracking transparency as a means for Apple to bolster ads inside the app store, and simultaneously implying that Apple uses data improperly to generate those ads.
    However Apple only produces ads based on what the user specifically searches for, via a typical keyword bidding system. Suggestions are similarly built without peeking on the user outside of the app, such as correlating data sources against the user.

    An important distinction here is that “tracking” ads are not based on what you did inside the app, but instead based on places you may have visited around the internet, your physical location over time, purchases made on entirely different platforms and even the content of your text messages. That is what Google and Facebook do to serve ads and it is done in a measurable way to watch the impact from an ad impression through to an eventual purchase.

    The “windfall” for apple is merely being the only provider of ads inside their own store front. All forms of direct (i.e non-creepy) advertising have seen improvements since the introduction of app tracking transparency. 
  • Apple's iPhone 15 will be first with USB-C, claims Kuo

    Ever since USB-C launched numerous voices including Kuo have repeatedly claimed that Apple only keep the lighting connector to protect a revenue source inside of the MFi program. Despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary and that the bulk of Apple's MFi program is based around wireless technologies and protocols e.g. GymKit, Hearing Aids, MagSafe, HomeKit, AirPlay, FindMy, CarPlay and Authentication to list a few examples.

    Switching now to USB-C is the result of accessories being largely driven by wireless connections. Swapping earlier would merely produce unncessary landfill and breed resentment across both consumers and manufacturers of lightning-based devices.

    Mandates for micro USB and then later USB-C solved the problem of budget manufacturers which made a new plug for every phone/device they built. That's not a problem that Apple has ever had.
  • Apple Studio Display review: How badly do you want an all-Apple experience?

    Seems like a stand-in product, much the same way that the iMac Pro was. If the LG UltraFine wasn't a POS, this display probably wouldn't even exist.