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  • Colorado 'right to repair' bill dies despite public testimony

    Change needs to come in small digestible pieces. A vague bill is almost always going to die because it opens the door to unintended consequences and a very real possibility of businesses not being able to adhere to the breadth of the requests. No matter how wonderful an idea, it must be enacted in a way that does not levy significant harm on the businesses these same consumers rely on. 
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  • Arizona Senate declines to vote on App Store payments bill

    There are myriad reasons to skip over the bill, before jumping into conspiracy theories of back-room deals. The real scandal is how this bill even came to be in the first place, no one is asking for this legislation, and it's clearly a case of one set of lobbyists against another. Now why would they kill it. that's straight forward:

    • The bill is controversial and would lead to unintended consequences for businesses and residents of AZ. It passed the lower house by 1 vote, and has the hallmarks of being a ploy from Epic Games.
    • There is no genuine advantage to the bill, while it opens up AZ to businesses working around the legislation. (Not even before considering retaliatory actions.)
    • It can potentially undermine or prejudice ongoing probes into app store operations.
    • As a bill it's constructed to benefit one party at the expense of another without basis.
    • The "public support" for the bill is manufactured from a vague, leading question, and took place after the bill was already introduced.

    So yeah, I'm not surprised the upper house killed it. The local government gets to tick the box for whatever influence they received from Epic Games, while not having to deliver anything tangible. The point of lobbyists isn't to control the government.
  • Intel continues 'go PC' campaign with specious Apple Silicon comparison website

    Intel has a lot to say, but no idea how to say it, or to whom they are saying it.

    Also why is this all so amateur, they've composited visuals over the footage which draws into question how much other crap they needed to adjust to make the products more presentable.
  • Jobs biographer sides with Apple in Facebook privacy feud

    This is what Facebook/Instagram is like: I have reported drug dealing accounts that have either added or messaged me numerous times trying their luck. Every single time Facebook/Instagram have come back with no action because they believe it doesn't violate their guidelines (even though there is a specific section of their guidelines which outlines this exact behaviour.)

    Some of these provides are so brazen that they have not one or two duplicate accounts, but more than 50+ accounts with identical drug dealing content. Literally their entire account is nothing but photos of contraband and how you can buy it.

    Facebook/Instagram are total ratshit services pretending to be good public citizens.
  • AirPods Max expected to sell less than 1 million units in 2021, says analyst

    I wouldn't be shocked if the life of AirPods Max mirrors that of the HomePod. Apple seem ok with releasing trial/ stepping stone products - which leads to a concern that the success of the cheaper products is used internally as evidence for why they should discontinue high quality niche items.

    However Apple is not like Sony, Sonos or Bose - Apple exists as a platform, they can't service just their most popular lines and expect consumers to not move to alternatives. We saw how Apple making little progress in their pro-hardware lineup led to certain newer technologies only able to be developed on PCs. This really isn't a mistake that Apple can keep making. It's why Adobe can't break out of their core 5 apps and why Google have tremendous difficulty converting users into new products.