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  • Connectivity issues continue to plague Apple Fitness+ workouts

    I use it on the iPad and never had an issue, maybe as a workaround use screen mirroring until a fix is ready?
  • Apple sends out $500 promo codes for returned DTK units

    sdietric said:
    Is there any question that this was not leased equipment? The article says Apple deems this “leased” equipment. I am sure it should be abundantly clear with the contract developers signed when they received the hard if it is or not leased.
    It was announced and written in every possible location, even the relatively short press release still went to some detail to highlight that the kit must be returned.

    Quick Start Program Lets Developers Get Started Today
    Apple Developer Program members can start moving their apps to Apple silicon today by applying for the Universal App Quick Start Program. The program provides access to documentation, forums support, beta versions of macOS Big Sur and Xcode 12, and includes the limited use of a DTK, which will enable developers to build and test their Universal 2 apps. The DTK, which must be returned to Apple at the end of the program, consists of a Mac mini with Apple’s A12Z Bionic SoC inside and desktop specs, including 16GB of memory, a 512GB SSD, and a variety of Mac I/O ports. Developers can apply to the program at, and the total cost of the program is $500.

    $500 for the total program, including loan hardware, is pretty reasonable. The cheapest M1 mac is well above $500, so the idea that they'd get early access, support and hardware for less than that was never a reasonable conclusion. The idea that Apple engineers should be available for free, that they should get some sort of prize for optionally participating and effectively a full refund is also not reasonable - but it's where we are now, not because it's right but because squeaky wheels get the oil. The entitlement on display in various developer forums was sickening. It read more like hobbyists who wanted early access to a new toy rather than professional developers who would have found real value in that offer - it wasn't surprising that the complaints were driven from developers of no merit.

    There was also a lingering argument that the developers were doing Apple a favour by being the "guinea pig" for the beta SDK. That argument might apply if this was Apple's first time delivering a SDK, the maturity of the SDK was never in question. I agree that there is a symbiotic relationship between the two, but that doesn't justify the b/s that went on.
  • Spotify CEO charts path to profitability, challenging Apple Music in interview

    Spotify seem to see two Apple Incs.:

    • One is Apple Inc's as a smaller competitor that they trounce in the market with their larger subscriber base. They use this line when they want to describe how good they are.
    • The other is Apple Inc as a big scary competitor. They use this line when they want governments to give them an artificial advantage over Apple and other smaller players in this market.

    The reality is that despite the fanfare and huge user numbers there is a significant and growing viability problem to Spotify. It doesn't seem to be one that people care to talk about either because somewhere on wall street there is a daydream where Spotify can keep finding new users, or convert free users into full-fee paid users, or put the fees up on paid users without consequence.

    Spotify's own financial results show that their paid users pay only $4 per month on average – this is less than half their monthly asking price, and shows how Spotify are using their dominant position to gobble up the market (dare I say anticompetitive?). Additionally Apple aren't taking significant funds from Spotify as Apple has revealed only a small number of Spotify users subscribe through IAP, and of those that do, none pay more than 15% to Apple.

    So with the Spotify business running with heavy losses due to unsustainable discounting and a growing landscape of competitors offering more than just music - Spotify has a problem, a big fn problem.
    They don't have the resources, expertise or early-advantage to make them a player in other forms of media, and the growing number of competitors means they'll actually have to compete to acquire new users. Interestingly no big players are attempting to buy Spotify either - because they can do basic maths and aren't living the aforementioned 'daydream'.

    So what can Spotify do to fix all of the those heavily discounted premier tiers they have given out?
    • Ask governments for artificial limit smaller competitors (Apple Music, Amazon et. al.) in the market space, so they can continue to acquire the lion share of users.
    • Squeeze music labels and artists on their royalties:

  • WhatsApp will disable messages unless users agree to new privacy policy

    I went through the account deletion process a few years ago. However over time it became clear that deletion actually didn't take place. To other users it just looked like I hadn't read their messages yet (normally users are notified when attempting to send a message to a phone number that doesn't have a matching account.)

    So a few years later I went through the process of making a "new" account to see if I could resolve the issue - only to then receive a backlog of years worth of unread messages.

    For those deleting their account (probably a wise move considering Whatsapp is owned by facebook) - I encourage you to test that the deletion was successful by asking a friend to try sending you a message - they should receive a messaging indicating as such.
  • SuperMicro server spy chip story returns, with no more proof than before

    • Bloomberg's own named source (Joe Fitzpatrick) discredited the story -
    • No other publications could verify the claims e.g.
    • Bloomberg have made no attempt to clarify the story or correct any of the errors pointed out by experts, including the NSA.
    • The article is grossly naive on the operation of the data centers.
    • No physical evidence of such chips was ever found
    • The described method of giving access is not compatible with a singular tiny chip, nor would such a method work to begin with.
    • Even the cover photo for the article was b/s
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