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  • Prolific indie game porter won't develop for macOS anymore

    In the world of things that pay for your livelihood, home, etc, people are less likely to throw that away for simply having a bad vibe about a company.
    It just sounds like he doesn't want to take the time to redevelop his skills for an ARM based platform because it was never meant to be a full time thing, and just wanted to take the opportunity to use his platform while he still has it. (Read: bitch while people are still listening.)

    Sure he's welcome to his opinion, but his complaints don't stack up and many also apply to the Window/Linux platforms which he has no beef with.
    As for independents, it's arguably the best time ever for an indy developer on Apple:
    • Apple pumping money into indy developers for Arcade content
    • Apple dropping the 30% cut to 15% for businesses making less than a million on the store
    • Unifying the Apple platforms which allows smaller developers to have a wide customer base
    • The opportunity to sell the same title again and again on the separate app stores for AppleTV, Mac & iOS, each without needing significant development/investment
    • A more flexible approval process with more opportunity to challenge decisions
    All of that has literally happen in the span of 18 months. What has -any other platform- done to make things easier for small developers in that timespan?
  • Apple loses iOS copyright claim in suit against security firm Corellium

    Run on implications for games platforms in 5, 4..
  • States file third antitrust lawsuit against Google focused on search

    Dogperson said:
    It would be a good start for Apple not to pre-select Google as the search engine. Haven’t used it since Windows98.
    YES I know they get paid. 
    But the option to Block All Thirdparty Cookies being gone since about IOS8.....
    The option is gone because it's always on now, its removal is part of Safari's broader efforts at stopping "Fingerprinting"
  • Apple hits back at Facebook, says new iOS 14 ad tracking rules provide user choice

    If I had shares in facebook - these are the sorts of ads that would tell me to Sell. Sell. Sell.
    Upper management are clearly in panic mode and they evidently don't have a plan for how they'll grow without invasive internet tracking.

    The fact that they're so worried about this actually sheds some light on just how much data they're collecting and using from all users of the web (not just people who have facebook profiles - I note this because it's stated in their privacy policy.)
  • Facebook says it hopes proposed EU rules 'set boundaries' for Apple

    Some hard deflection going on over at Facebook - the proposals would mean significant change to Facebook, particularly with its inadequacy to police illegal content and disinformation. The proposals that relate to Apple are relatively light, likely reflecting the fact that only a handful of developers have beef with Apple, despite there being over 20 million registered developers.

    Amazon however is likely to face significant scrutiny, as they utilise sales statistics to develop their own brands.

    Edit: I might also just add: Apple delayed implementing IDFA, but with how Facebook is attempting to bully Apple in the court of public opinion, I don't think there will be any more extensions.