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  • Apple has been 'all-in' on iPhone X Face ID replacing Touch ID for over a year - report

    FaceID and the related technology took probably a few more than one year to develop; it may be very well the contrary, that touchID was kept for a while as a backup while giving FaceID the last year or two of developement.
    *And* the technologies around FaceID allows a lot more than identification, so it is more a strategic move on a medium/long term plan.

  • Apple captured 540% the profits of Samsung Mobile in 2016 as China's phone makers battled ...

    A missing data that would be interesting (implied but not explicitly given) is how much of the profits in the Chinese market Apple is getting.

  • Possible Apple Lightning-to-headphone adapter for 'iPhone 7' spotted in new photos

    jurassic said:
    Finally! Apple is making it desirable for users to listen to music using digital headphones, rather than using the 4 decades old analog headphone jack. Digital not only provides better sound quality (wider and flatter frequency range, wider dynamic range, no static or interference) but it also allows for many features such as software based noise isolation.
    Ehm, without any intention to offend the original poster, this is bullshit.
    Headphones *are* analogue; the transducers that produce sound close to your ears *are* analogue.
    So, while what you says it is true in a domain where we process and store sound, it simply false when you move to earing music; you need somewhere a digital to analogue conversion in order to drive a transducer; if you move the DAC out of the smartphone, it will be somewhere else; problems with frequency range and dynamic range will be there as well.
    Probably less interference problems, but interferences in a smartphones are probably happening at a frequency that touch less the audio range than in other case (I.e. AC power supply).
    If Apple moved out the DAC, it just means that we will have to spend more money to have a DAC somewhere else; either in the headphone or in a separate component; if Apple just changed the connection, using Lightning to send out analogue audio (there were some rumors a while ago about this solution) we will just have to have an adapter more, and the whole discussion is pointless.

    By the way, jacks are a bit older that 40 years, they were used in the 30s in telephone companies. And they are not obsolete: all the music you hear is produced using jacks : there is no standard, reliable, widely used digital connection for musical instruments; the instrument to recording equipement connection is mostly always analogue and done using jacks, even for digital equipment (like high end delay pedals for guitars); from there on, the processing is digital. And the 3.5 mm jack is universally used, and so very far from being obsolete, in professional and consumer audio equipment, where a Lightning or USB connection would just not make sense. And most of high end headphones, earpods and similar have analogue connections using jacks, that do not look very obsolete.