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  • Bono takes the blame for the 2014 iTunes U2 album disaster

    I downloaded it.  Would not have otherwise.  Became a much bigger U2 fan, bought other albums, still listen to it often.  Especially when out jogging.  
  • Apple tied with fifth-place Asus in Q2 global PC market

    Wait until the numbers come in and include the latest MacBook Air!!  I have a feeling that new laptop will move like few before it.  
  • Apple's iPhone 13 selling better than past lineups -- with one exception

    M68000 said:
    So, the news continues about how awful sales were for the mini…. That makes it seems so exclusive to have one LOL.   I really enjoy mine and don’t care.   When I got rid of my 8 plus, I looked at the current iPhone pro max and how big and heavy they are.  They are even bigger and heavier than the 8 plus.  If you want to walk around with a “brick” go ahead.  Phones just seem to keep getting bigger and bigger and heavier and heavier,  at what point does it stop?   Then,  add the weight of case onto it..  could the name “mini” been a bad choice or matter that much?  What if they called it iPhone Stealth for example or something much cooler than “mini”,  would that have helped sales?  The screen on the mini is plenty big enough,  perhaps the 5.8 sized screen was the best size yet, which they did on the iPhone X.   But the
    mini remains a great phone that nobody wants. I wonder what Jobs would think of the ever increasing phone sizes that are the norm today.
    Exactly the same experience. Had the 8 plus. In my 60s, issues seeing the 8 plus growing,  worried about a tiny screen of the mini.  Decided since it might phase out I would be able to sell it if it did not work for me. But it’s sooooo much better on my eyes than the 8 plus was.  I have a small and amazing phone that I can see better than my old phone, by far, and I cannot believe others are not buying them in droves. But then I almost did not. The 13 mini is a gem!  Will keep it until it loses function. Or until (and if) they update it and I stay with the mini on and on. 
  • Four new iPhone 14 models show what to expect in the fall

    The Mini is awesome. Went from 8 plus to 13 mini and love it.  Darn.  
  • iPhone 14 Pro models to feature taller screen, Apple ditching 'mini' model

    Same as Baconstang.  Love my mini.  Never had one, went 8plus to mini and it’s awesome.  Everything I needed. And small. Easier to take on runs, etc.  No interest in the larger ones and will likely also wait until they go mini again if the rumor is true this time (was also rumored before the 13).