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  • Should you buy an iPhone 13 mini now or wait for the 2022 iPhone SE?

    I downsized screen a bit, phone a lot, moving from 8 plus to 13 mini.  Was worried.  Love it!  I have aging eyes, but no issues with it. Screen makes it great, size is great.  I have no battery life issues.  My only issue is my AirPods not connecting for a call, then not connecting when I opt for them. That is software, was true on my 8 plus, and makes me wonder, Apple, if you folks use your own devices. Maybe that’s why wires are cool again? Anyway, the mini is awesome, Keep it!
  • Five Galaxy S22 Ultra features which should be on the iPhone

    I can skip all but the Touch ID.  Miss it for many reasons.  Can open camera without looking at it and take pictures in a museum or of people in their natural state. Plus many other things. FaceID is okay, but mask, no mask, many other things.  Touch ID added and I upgrade immediately.  
  • New AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max firmware updates are now available

    So I have only the standard AirPods but the firmware is showing not what you list for those, but the 3E751 you list for the Pro version. FYI

    And I found nothing under Settings in General, but did under Bluetooth.  So thanks poster Spitbath for that tip.  
  • 2022 'iPhone 14' revealed by leakers days before 'iPhone 13' announcement

    There is too much incentive to fabricate these “leaks” and photoshop only helps.  Maybe.  Also, were I Apple, I would leak fake specs to those employees or suppliers suspected of leaking, various versions, and the leak would then tip off who is leaking.  Either way, Prosser is a showboat artist.  On his Twitter page he invites leakers to reach out.  Desperate for something to leak, maybe, or well connected like in the past was claimed.  Bah.
  • Apple slapped with class action suit over Touch ID-related 'Error 53' code

    There is a happy middle ground Apple should be doing. Do that repair and the phone works still, but not Touch ID. That's fair. Bricking is overkill and truly a shame. At some level a phone is a safety device (and in my case a work device) and that is too extreme. Of course I would go to Apple if I could, but what if I am far from the mainstream world (travel, Tanzania, outback Canada, etc)?
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