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  • Apple invests $2.7B in LG's OLED production for future iPhones - report

    OLED panels have other advantages than simply thinness and better power consumption figures. 

    OLED panels are bendable and allow for unique form factors. Samsung is actively working on a phone that can wrap around a person's wrist. Something not possible with conventional LCD panels. 
  • Qualcomm says tech group 'misdirecting' ITC, maintains complaint against Apple is over IP

    lkrupp said:
    And they seem to be alone in their fight. No one seems to be coming to their defense. Well, maybe some patent trolls will.
    It isn't just the technology giants of the corporate world, it's whole nations and governments. QCOM has already lost against the Chinese, the South Koreans and now faced against the US FTC. They also lost their case against Blackberry which was a binding arbitration and not subject to appeal. 

    Their model and behavior are odious. 
  • Waymo & Uber in settlement talks over stolen self-driving technology

    Sure, sure Waymo, whatever.
    ...And Google stole trade secrets from Ebay's PayPal.
    ...And Google stole Java from Oracle's Sun Microsystems.
    ...And Google...

    Stole iOS from Apple, naming it Android. 
  • Apple's unified iPhone userbase could help kickstart augmented reality industry

    The real problem for Android is deeper than fragmentation. Samsung produces the Gear VR which runs Oculus. And Samsung bundles the Gear VR with their high end phones. 

    As a result, the developers are focused on Oculus as a development platform for AR/VR. With Samsung in the Oculus camp, the developers aren't interested in Android. The android market is far too fragmented and outside of Samsung, no other single manufacturer commands any significant marketshare. So developing for Oculus only makes far more sense as a developer captures not only the Rift but Samsung devices also which are a substantial portion of the non iOS devices in use. 

    Google really hurt themselves by splitting from Samsung. With the speed and rapid development Samsung and Apple are pursuing as the dominant mobile device manufacturers, there really is no way for Google to commoditize the hardware market. 

    As apple embraces AR/VR with the release of ARKit and Samsung's embrace of the Oculus platform, Google is being squeezed out of AR as a platform. 

    Cardboard isn't going to save Google. Google is releasing development tools for the Oculus platform actually. It speaks volumes as to the role Android will be playing in AR/VR. Apple, Samsung and Facebook will be in control of AR/VR. And Facebook won't take too kindly towards Google attempting to compete on that platform with advertising. 

    This is going to get quite interesting actually. 
  • Qualcomm asks ITC to block import and sale of Apple iPhone, iPad

    This looks like a publicity stunt by Qualcomm. 
    It is actually a classic bullying tactic. The idea is to threaten irreparable harm unless the litigant drops the case. In this case, Apple's lawsuit. 

    Qualcomm should be arguing the merits of their position to a judge. If the judge takes Qualcomm's side a judgment is rendered and Apple has to pay. If, however, the finding goes against Qualcomm, they stand to lose a great deal. Samsung will immediately cease using the inferiorn Snapdragon 835 CPU in favor of its own Exynos 8895 for the North American market. 

    A number of judgments have already been entered against Qualcomm. They lost a nearly billion dollar case in China. They lost again against Blackberry again to the tune of nearly a billion dollars. They most recently were fined by the South Korean government, you guessed it, to the tune againof nearly a billion dollars. Clearly, Qualcomm's licensing and terms are considered abusive. 

    They are well aware that they will likely lose in court. And so they resort to the tactic of attempting to bully Apple in order to compel Apple to drop the lawsuit. 

    It won't happen. QCOM is going to lose again. Judges also frown heavily on such attempts at bullying the other party to submit. 

    QCOM isn't interested in publicity. They are interested in trying to force Apple to acquiesce. It would send a message to the rest of the industry that their licensing model even if unfair is valid and they were able to force a company as powerful as Apple into submission. 

    Aple isn't disputing the fact that QCOM should be paid royalties. They just want a level playing field with respect to royalty payments. Samsung and Intel have also filed Amicus briefs in support of Apple. 

    QCom is in a lot of trouble. This is an act of desperation. 
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