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  • Google Photos now streams photos, video to Apple TV via AirPlay

    Google can try to win my business but never will. When flash memory is so inexpensive these days, cloud photo storage is not needed. 

    Keeping Google out of my personal business is far more important than free photo storage anyway. 

    Google already declared their intentions. And they they want us iOS users to embrace their pathetic products? Android users aren't good enough?

    No thanks. I'll store my own photos on flash media and take them off site for safe keeping. 
  • 'Severe supply shortages' of Apple's 'iPhone 8' said to be a major concern through end of ...

    This guy is basing his argument that Samsung cannot deliver the numbers of OLED panels to Apple in order to meet demand. 

    I highly doubt that such will be the case. Samsung makes its profits primarily from its components. There is no reason to short Apple on the panels it needs to meet demand. The sale of each panel contributes to Samsung profits. Samsung will take sales from the other much smaller OEMs to keep Apple happy and to maximize their own profits. The only caveat is if the Galaxy S8 sells in much higher quantities than expected. Samsung might be tempted in such a case to divert panels slated for Apple to go into their own line. Samsung would NOT divert sales to any other high end phone maker from Apple otherwise. No other OLED producer can produce the same quality panels at the volumes and prices that Samsung can. It means the Pixel, the Mate series from Huawei and other high end makes will be going back to LCD. 


    If Kuo sees that kind of demand for the S8, he should say so. Otherwise, the rumor seems a little far-fetched. Apple will price the models accordingly. The only supplier going forward that can meet Apple's demands is Samsung. It means all others not named LG who can build the panels for their own line of high end line of phones will be left high and dry. 

    The article mentions OLED panels specifically as the potential bottleneck. Conceivably, TSMC should have their 10 nm fabs running well for the upcoming A11 SOC. 
  • Apple A10 iPhone 7 speeds past Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, LG G6 & BBK 3T (with 2x RA...

    Samsung has a huge advantage over the other Android makes. They make all of the components. 

    Google's real problem regarding the Pixel's poor sales is the fact that they can't get hold of any more OLED panels. And with Apple in the picture purchasing massive quantities of OLED panels, Samsung is going to kick Google to the curb so to speak. It's no secret that Samsung wants to move away from Android and over to Tizen. With their lock on high end hardware, they have the means to do so. It is going to take LG some time to ramp up OLED production and they will not be able to achieve the same economies of scale that Samsung now has. 

    It means that Google will be paying more for those OLED panels. They can either charge more or watch their margins disappear. 

    The A11 on 10 nm is going to scream. The GPU will enable levels of game play the Android market can only dream about. The A11 is going to even put a hurting on Intel's Portable Core i7 line. 

    In the end, there will be only two. Apple and Samsung. Google is going to have to double down on YouTube. Because Samsung is going to take the Android market from Google. 
  • Apple quietly patched iPhone vulnerability allowing unauthorized collection of sensor data...

    I tend to use the fingerprint sensor on the phone and the iPad instead of a passcode. But iOS forces the use of the passcode when rebooting the device or if I haven't logged in for 48 hours which happens frequently on the iPad. It would be nice if the passcode had to be followed by use of the fingerprint scanner. It would seem that such a case would defeat these types of attempts at breaking security and accessing my device or the services I use on it. 
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  • 'New' Google Earth may usher in much-needed 64-bit iPhone & iPad app

    Google has much more pressing issues. Like how they are going to prevent Samsung from destroying the rest of the Android OEM competition. With that, Samsung will be dictating the terms of including Google software on their devices. 

    Apple's massive purchase of Samsung OLED panels, will essentially give total control of a critical piece of hardware to a single company. While LG can also build panels, they won't be able to stay competitive with Samsung over the long term. 

    Google is going to feel the heat. The 876 million for LG display is going to need to be far more if LG is going to stay competitive. It is going to take several more years for anyone else to be able to compete in this market. By then, Samsung and Apple may be consolidating the spoils. Does anyone wonder why Apple is taking over development of its own GPUs? Those OLED displays from Samsung will be capable of doing grand things with a capable GPU. 

    This one's not going to turn out well for Google. They should have played nice with Apple. They would have maintained their role as the default search engine in perpetuity. Now they get to watch as Bing does Siri searches, Apple maps pushes Google maps off of the platform and the browser comes with a host of choices for search rather than defaulting only to Google without the ability to change search engines as once was the case. Even today, Onniweb on OS X gives no other choice but Google. Hence I have to type in DuckDuckGo if I use that particular browser. 

    I suspect Google updates on iOS will be far more scarce as they try and figure out how to stop Samsung from completely taking over the Android ecosystem.