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  • Qualcomm asks ITC to block import and sale of Apple iPhone, iPad

    This looks like a publicity stunt by Qualcomm. 
    It is actually a classic bullying tactic. The idea is to threaten irreparable harm unless the litigant drops the case. In this case, Apple's lawsuit. 

    Qualcomm should be arguing the merits of their position to a judge. If the judge takes Qualcomm's side a judgment is rendered and Apple has to pay. If, however, the finding goes against Qualcomm, they stand to lose a great deal. Samsung will immediately cease using the inferiorn Snapdragon 835 CPU in favor of its own Exynos 8895 for the North American market. 

    A number of judgments have already been entered against Qualcomm. They lost a nearly billion dollar case in China. They lost again against Blackberry again to the tune of nearly a billion dollars. They most recently were fined by the South Korean government, you guessed it, to the tune againof nearly a billion dollars. Clearly, Qualcomm's licensing and terms are considered abusive. 

    They are well aware that they will likely lose in court. And so they resort to the tactic of attempting to bully Apple in order to compel Apple to drop the lawsuit. 

    It won't happen. QCOM is going to lose again. Judges also frown heavily on such attempts at bullying the other party to submit. 

    QCOM isn't interested in publicity. They are interested in trying to force Apple to acquiesce. It would send a message to the rest of the industry that their licensing model even if unfair is valid and they were able to force a company as powerful as Apple into submission. 

    Aple isn't disputing the fact that QCOM should be paid royalties. They just want a level playing field with respect to royalty payments. Samsung and Intel have also filed Amicus briefs in support of Apple. 

    QCom is in a lot of trouble. This is an act of desperation. 
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  • DRAM, NAND supplies for 'iPhone 8' tight in global shortage of components

    Apple absolutely needs to bury hatchet when it comes to Samsung. 

    Samsung just announced that they are planning their enterprise v-NAND product, built on an industry leading 64 layer process to be released for the consumer market. Apple could lock up that product for the iPhone. SK Hynix and Toshiba are now a generation behind Samsung and Samsung is accelerating the pace of development for their leading edge v-NAND product. 

    Dont get me wrong. I like Apple products. I like them a lot. But when I can get three days of battery life out of the Gear S3 smartwatch and my friends struggle to get full day from the Apple Watch, samsung is a very capable company. 

    There is no way for Apple to leave Samsung as a components supplier. And it is going to worsen in the future as Samsung pulls further and further ahead. Hence, Apple needs to work with Samsung. The two companies will dominate the mobile OS landscape anyway. And the presence of the other company ensures that anti-trust issues are kept to a minimum. 

    I don't get all of the anti-Samsung bias. They are a very capable and very respected company. It was Google that ripped off iOS with Schmidt having access to all of the high level discussions with respect to the iPhone. 

    I think very highly of both companies. I think quite negatively about Google. And Samsung is assaulting Google with respect to Android. Android won't disappear immediately but the market will move on, much like the case with Windows. 

    SK Hynix and Toshiba are out of their league in competing with Samsung. Apple should abandon their products and set up exclusive deals with Samsung for memory like OLED panels and like they have with TSMC. 
  • With Bixby still MIA, Samsung scrambling to build Apple HomePod competing smart speaker

    Samsung's Harman Kardon unit is building a unit prioritizing acoustics. It is the Invoke but will apparently run Cortana although Samsung could eventually bring Bixby to the unit. 

    Samsung will work out the hiccups with Bixby. They are a very capable company. They just passed Intel in chip sales. They are on a roll with respect to NAND and OLED technologies. Bixby is software and software is easier to build than cutting edge hardware components. 

    My Korean friends are quite enamored with Bixby. If Samsung duplicates that experience in English, and they very likely will, given their dedication and focus, it will be a game changer as it is integrated into the Samsung's flagship phones. Much like Siri is in the iPhone. 

    The HomePod is interesting and I will very likely purchase one. However, I very much like my Samsung Gear S3 with LTE. If Samsung continues to build hardware like this, they are a real force to be reckoned with. 

    Samsung and Apple are outstanding companies. They will be competitors, but together they will dominate mobile computing. Google is slowly losing android as a dominant platform as they have no answer to the hardware Samsung is planning. Microsoft is incapable and the Chinese manufacturers aren't even in the game anymore. They will be relegated to the lowest end of the market with limited memory, LCD panels, poor performance and poor battery life devices. That is the realm that Android is going to play in. Even Samsung's low end Tizen phones will have better capabilities. 
  • EU hammers Google with record $2.7 billion antitrust fine for illegal search manipulation

    Has anyone even looked at the facts? The litigants were primarily other US corporations. Including one who was a known abuser in the past, Microsoft. 

    Google is abusing its dominance in search to make its own services competitive where they would not be otherwise. So much for their motto, "Don't be evil."  

    The real issue isn't the fine. Google has 60 days to change their practices. If they don't, they will face additional fines which will be ongoing. 

    Amd Google is by no means finished. There is the tax issue which is similar to the one Apple faced and it will very likely result in much larger fines. There is also the issue of Android. 

    I personally never use Google search anymore. I do product searches on Amazon. For local services, I use Yelp. I do lots of voice searches using Siri or Amazon's Echo. I hope samsung brings Bixby to the Gear S3 line of watches. I will very likely be purchasing the HomePod when it is released for the superior acoustics. The Invoke by Samsung's Harman unit looks to be quite interesting also. 

    Other than an occasional instructional YouTube video, I don't have any plans to use any other Google products. I don't "need" them and most certainly don't want them. 

    Schmidt is worse than Gates even at Microsoft's worst. At least Gates has become a philanthropist. Schmidt does not even do that. And now he can try to figure out how to navigate Google out of the mess he has created. 

    Google search is going to be forced to adopt a new model. Android is going to go into irrelevance once the FTC and Apple are finished with Qualcomm. Samsung is going to displace Android with Tizen, using Bixby for search. Cutting edge mobile CPUs will belong to Apple and Samsung. It means that Android gets relegated to poorly performing mobile devices. 

    I for one won't miss Google when that day happens. Not one iota. 
  • Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 8 in August, ahead of Apple's 'iPhone 8'

    Samsung is actually a great company. I love my Apple products, but let's be honest here and give Samsung their due also. 

    The OLED panel in the upcoming iPhone 8 will be produced by Samsung. Samsung makes the best v-NAND product in the non-volatile memory industry. When Apple needed a CPU for the original iPhone, Intel turned the company down. It was Samsung that built the CPU. 

    Samsung just filed an amicus brief in support of Apple in their ongoing legal battle against Qualcomm. 

    Qualcomm charges Apple (and Samsung too) inappropriately to subsidize the chips that go into the inexpensive Chinese handsets. It was Google and Eric Schmidt that stole the iOS interface. Samsung was the company that drove Android's success, but Samsung has big plans in store to move off of Android. The mobile device market is going to be dominated by two companies, Samsung and Apple. 

    It would be very nice for the two companies to maintain a friendly working relationship as they are now set to utterly dominate the computing landscape in the near future. A shortage for critical high performance smartphone components is rapidly developing. Samsung and Apple control nearly all of the technologies involved. It means that the next iteration of the Pixel will have a conventional LCD panel and limited memory. The digital imaging sensor will be inferior to the ones in the Galaxy and iPhones. The CPU will be slower and less capable. As it is, Samsung is getting nearly the entire supply of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SOCs. Even LG is being left high and dry. And it isn't even close to filling Samsung's demand. The international version of the Galaxy S8 comes with the Exynos 8895 which is the better processor in actuality. 

    Samsung's profits are projected to beat even Apple's for the past quarter. 


    I plan on upgrading to the iPhone 8. I have an iPad Pro, an iMac with plans on purchasing a MacBook Pro. I do own the Gear S3 watch with LTE. It's a fantastic product that is going to destroy Android wear. If the Apple Watch had LTE, I would not have purchased the Samsung product. Now that I have, I realize that this company is capable of doing some very fine things. And they are both a worthy competitor as well as a worthy partner. 

    A healthy Samsung is fine. A healthy Apple is good too. Google is going to be displaced and while Googleguy, er... Gatorguy will miss the company, most won't care. 

    One thing is absolutely certain, where Samsung and Apple are going with their respective hardware, Goolge and the rest of the manufacturers are incapable of following. 

    Samsung and Apple are depriving the rest of the market access to OLED panels. It's only the beginning. NVM, digital imaging sensors, and camera components are all going to be in short supply. Appleinsider itself already released a story on the situation. 


    Once Samsung incentivizes the adoption of Tizen by giving preferred access to high end components to manufacturers who adopt Tizen, watch the Android market crater. It's going to certainly be interesting to watch Google navigate this one.