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  • Tesla debuts - then pulls - portable Qi wireless charger with ho-hum specs

    Musk may still face charges from the SEC. If he’s found guilty of Tesla stock manipulation, that could be the end of him at Tesla.
    I think the company would be better off without him. They don't deliver on time. Over promise, under deliver. Never made a profit, only spending investors' money. The company is a bit of a joke. Or rather, Elon Musk is.
    I think Tesla should learn from Apple about how to deliver products *on-time* like Airpods, Homepod, Mac pro, Charging mat, Group Facetime etc. etc.

  • Tesla debuts - then pulls - portable Qi wireless charger with ho-hum specs

    ireland said:
    I have question.

    Can you give me example on Musks erratic behavior? I am not sure what you mean.
    You don’t need to understand it Tesla shareholder. Just keep buying. He’s the most level headed human being and the new Jesus. Surely.

    In all seriousness, however, perhaps calling that cave diving rescuer (who saved those kids and risked his own life in doing so) a ‘pedo guy’ wasn’t the most careful decision he’s made. Or randomly tweeting about taking Tesla private. If he intended to he should have inked a deal in writing and announced a legit proposal in a proper manner. Both actions were reckless. Not to mention you can see he’s a bit off in interviews as of late (his MKBHD interview) and he always looks wrecked tired. Needs a healthier work load and sleeping ritual? Seems like it.

    On the topic of a this charger, however. It’s a good idea to make it this shape as it greatly helps the user put their phone on the charger correctly. That said I’m unsure why they are making one. I don’t know if they’ve one built into Tesla cars, but if do or are intending to, it is as good a reason as any to get good at making these. Every Tesla car should come default with a couple of these built into the chassis. IMO no cars in 2018 should require a wire in the car to charge your smartphone once you enter. And having these built in by default in a vehicle significantly improves owner experience for owners fortunate enough to own such a phone. Others like myself who prefer SE can use a wire. But going forward all phones will surely have this optional charging method. So fitting and even retrofitting most cars now makes a lot of sense.
    IF you think Elon is erratic then you should read Steve Jobs's autobiography by Walter. Only difference is Steve's behavior was private to his employees while Elon is ranting publicly on Twitter.
  • Apple disallows developers from collecting and sharing Contacts data

    I think it's good that Apple is stopping developers from sharing contact information but these actions alone from Apple isn't going to change anything. I have so many friends who use Android phones and have my contact information in their contacts list which developers have easy access to. And generally I have observed that people using Android do not care much about security/privacy. 
  • Samsung owes Apple $539M for infringing on iPhone patents, jury finds

    viclauyyc said:
    $533,316,606 million Is a lot.
    Not sure if the whole S. Korean worth that much:)
    $533,316,606 million is 533 Trillion which is ~30x the GDP of USA.
    Cesar Battistini Mazierololliverjony0anton zuykov
  • Google Maps to get augmented reality, 'VPS' & other improvements

    Well Android phones don't have that problem of someone stealing them.