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  • 27-inch iMac flash storage cannot be replaced or upgraded

    Never mind.. OWC already crack open the new iMac and it is soldered to the mother board.

    There is another pci-e slot space on the board but not actually have a port. it might be use for bigger SSD size for it..
    I wonder why Apple doing this.. Just simply add 2 pci-e ssd slot should be much easier..
    They love to solder it..

    I guess Apple APU desktop Mac will be all soldered component like Mac book line up.
  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    benji888 said:
    fred1 said:
    Here are two words for anyone who wants to limit spending on apps and can’t figure out how to place restrictions: gift cards. 
    That only adds money to iTunes/Apple account, there still is a credit or debit card assigned to that Apple ID...once the iTunes/App Store gift card runs out, that card is charged, so this doesn’t limit spending.
    Nope..I don't think you did not read to the end.. fred1 said at the end gift card.
    If you buy gift card then there is no credit cards linked to that Apple account. CVS, Walmart, Walgreen,  basically every retail store selling these gift card.

  • Tested: Will the new i7 Mac mini run faster with new thermal paste?

    I ordered from Amazon mac mini i5 base model as $999 and I had to return it.
    Heating problem is real. I tested internal and external SSD with running TD thinkorswim app only and mini heat up more than my 5 years old HP laptop.

    I think it is problem with both thermal paste and cooling method. Mac mini has no intake vent hole other than bottom which cover by rubber plate.
    DDR4, CPU heat up pretty fast and cool air sip in through bottom plate gap is too slow. Also PSU create heat as well.

    Apple need redesign the new Mac mini. Maybe need side or front vent array of hole or design like AppleTV 4K bottom.
  • Mac mini 2018 Review: Apple's mightiest mini yet

    If anyone paying 2018 mini over $1700 then I suggest buy 2019 iMac(after Apple upgrade at least new intel CPU).

    That will be more bang for the bucks you spent. Either you buy iMac or Mini at over $1700, and you are still going to use external SSD as boot drive via TB3 then what matters to internal HDD or SSD size? Just stick to base configuration and upgrade only i7 6 core CPU.

    Don't forget, you get 5K 27' monitor built in iMac. Also if Apple still keep 4 RAM slot user upgrade on 2019 iMac then you should not buy Mini over $1700.

    If I configure 2018 mini passing $1299 then I rather buy 2019 iMac 27'. At least I can use original RAM+ upgrade module and don't need to buy eGPU either.

    if you are developer or professional job requires high end GPU then I suggest wait until Apple lunch new 2019 MacPRO.
    MacMini should be remain entry level "PRO" configuration. Not worth to spend over $1299.
    Myself, I wouldn't pay more than $1099 as base i3 to i7 upgrade only.

    I just saw replace ram module for 2018 mini, and if Apple just half inch thicker than 2017 mini, They could add PCI-E SSD module slot instead solder to board.
  • Mac mini 2018 Review: Apple's mightiest mini yet

    vulpine said:
    YP101 said:
    NVME speed is good but compare to 2.5' SSD, The price is too much for now. The SSD speed is concern then I rather buy dual bay with raid 0 as 2 1TB 2.5' SSD.
    Would you please explain? I'm looking at Amazon and it seems that an NVMe SSD is less expensive (and faster) than a SATA SSD right now.

    Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD: $308
    Samsung 970 EVO 1TB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD: $228

    Even when you add the cost of an enclosure, the NVMe SSD seems like the clear winner.
    I don't know when you search that in Amazon, so far I am looking at following link today

    860 EVO 1TB is $162 and 970 EVO NVME is $227.
    Far as I know NVME SSD price never lower than 2,5' SSD. I bought 2 years ago on black friday 860 EVO 2.5 1TB was $170 from Samsung and newegg and they gave me free game with it(another $50 worth) 

    I don't think NVME 1TB will not go less than $180 even on 2018 black Friday. There was rumor SSD price will drop much as 30% end of 2018 or so. But time to tell.
    I expect 2.5' SSD 1TB should be around $120 for 860 EVO on black Friday or cyber Monday. Other Micron and cheaper brand should be around $99 mark.
    I am look into 2TB for $180-190 hopefully..