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  • Verizon includes Apple TV 4K in residential 5G rollout plans

    I guess Verizon jumped in band wagon because T-mobile.
    T-Mobile will start 5G brodband home internet which bypass electric pole laying down fiber or copper line to do internet service business.

    I think Google will start this as well soon.
  • Complete 2018 MacBook Pro teardown shows off six-cell battery, bigger speakers

    I rather have 2 PCI-E SSD slot then on board speaker. I hardly ever use laptop speaker these days.
  • Sprint, T-Mobile merger will generate 5G powerhouse, cut costs for users

    Basically Sprint & T-mobil need to be merge. They have no choice. Sprint already losing money to even stay operational.
    Without merge Sprint may fold the card within 10 years.(I think around 5 years) Specially everyone fully merge to 5G.

    The current USA internet problem(regardless wire or wireless) is nothing to do with net neutrality.
    Most of problem come from was your local government that not allow(or charge too much money) build new cell tower or bring in new ISP.

    When net neutrality was effected time, what rural area get improved? Nothing.

    And another problem is population. USA is very big country and population concentrates on major state and city.
    So rural area has no reason the big ISP company pay for fiber or high speed internet service. Simply they will never get the money back.

    High populate city also have problem that ISP company will not put more line into building or block. because too much competition. People switching server every 2 years or so.
    So if your equipment can handle 1000 connection any given time with max speed, ISP simply sign more people to it with slow down speed.(even that block has 3000 people or equipment. Because ISP think if this city has 3 ISP company then each company never get 50%. So they just make the equipment handle around 35% to maximum 40%.)

    There is no winning situation for consumer. That will change when T-mobil start 5G internet for home. No more laying down line cost. As long as T-mobil and/or Sprint coverage area you living you can get the new internet service. This will shake local cable internet company and current dominant ISP in that area.
    Question will be current T-Mobil and/or Sprint network can handle that connection. Time will tell.

    I think year 2020 will be interesting.. More company start service 5G into home. Specially Google and Amazon. Amazon failed cell phone business but I think they restart it anytime they want.
    Think about it, if Amazon Echo plus with 5G router function and each echo dot as mesh built in. you can place it anywhere you want.. Currently mesh system is expensive. But by year 2020, it will be base line. 
    I think soon all smart home speaker will be replace mesh routers.

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