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  • Huawei expects $30B revenue hit, 60M fewer phones sold due to US ban

    avon b7 said:
    Making China bleed & change is much more important than a few lost jobs.  Intellectual property theft costs the US hundreds of billions of dollars per year.
    The case with Huawei isn't about making China 'bleed'. It is protectionism IMO.

    If you want to make China 'bleed' and change, as you say, you (and anyone else who shares that opinion) can contribute to that directly by refusing to buy anything Made in China. 

    However, I doubt you are willing to do that and probably have a fair few products that are made in China or require Chinese patents.

    In the absence (a very long absence) of national security evidence to actually support Trump's claims, together with his very open admittance to seeing Huawei possibly included in a trade deal, the conclusion is clear and countries around the world have taken note. 

    Then there is this angle:

    Maybe it is about protectionism, but companies like Apple have a had time competing fairly against companies like Huawei. That is because companies like Apple spend hundreds of million on research and development and companies like Huawei just steal the technology with the support of the Chinese government. American can't compete fairly against Chinese subsidized labor either.

    Pretty much all of Huawei's smart phones are rip offs. Huawei's leader dresses like Steve Jobs on stage. 

    I don't feel any pity for 

    Tariff's date back to the Founding of our Country and were designed to level the playing field. Republicans and Democrats alike sold out when dropping Tariffs for Countries like China. 

    I say this as a person who would never vote for Carrot Head. 
  • Proposed US Senate bill would hand $700M to rural telecoms to avoid Huawei & ZTE

    crfcom said:
    mubaili said:
    this is just beyond dumb. let the capitalism work. we are a capitalism society, aren't we?
    No, we are a republic which employs a free enterprise business model. It's worth noting that the bill proposing all this is bi-partisan, so the executive branch and both parties in the Congress are promoting this measure in an unusually united way.
    LOL... So how free is the enterprise when the world's top 5G innovator is blocked from the markets on some fake, Trumped up "National Security Emergency" edict in a false hope that protectionism will protect our status as the world's largest economy?

    So, while American families will now be paying an extra almost $900 a year for the so called protection, our government wants to hand out free money to rural areas.   Mostly red zones.  But where is it coming from since we already can't pay our bills?   Maybe China will lend us some more?   Please Mr Xi?
    Top Innovator? Please. Huawei is a huge thief. Their CEO goes on Stage dressed like Steve Jobs showing off phones that look exactly like iPhones. They actively seek out stolen information from competitors. They are huge crooks. 

    I tend to vote Democrat, but China's lack of respect for American Intellectual Property has to be curtailed. It hurts American interests when a competitor is allowed to steal their expensive IP and sell substantially similar products for significantly less because they don't have to pay for research. 

    Further, a "free" american market doesn't need to include foreign competitors playing by different rules. 
  • Qualcomm gains $4.5B to $4.7B from Apple settlement

    mjtomlin said:
    charles1 said:
    Does anyone know what Apple would have owed Qualcom by now, under the old license for cellular chips? I doubt Apple would have settled unless it was heavily in their favor. So I figure Apple would have owed something like $12 Billion and settled for about 4.5B.

    Probably exactly what they paid. The point of taking them to court was to get future licensing fees down to more reasonable levels. I doubt the settlement favored either company... I would hazard to guess that Apple is still paying a percentage of total cost, but with some kind of cap.
    Usually when companies settled they both get something. Apple, however, seemed to get everything it wanted and Qualcomm less so. Court filings show Apple owed about 8 billion in back payments and was paying about 13 to 15 a phone. If Apple paid 4.5 billion in back payments and is paying about 9 dollars a phone that is a definite win for Apple. Plus Apple has a long term deal and only has to deal with Qualcomm not the manufacturers. Another win. 

    Qualcomm renewed its relationship with Apple, has an infusion of money, and is done with expensive lawsuits that were largely not going its way. 

    Qualcomm didn’t gain any leverage against Apple with its lawsuits. Apple worked around the China injunction, got the German injunction overturned, held off a US injunction, won its billion dollar claim, and was likely going to win this lawsuit in regards to Qualcomm charging discriminatory pricing for standard essential patents.

    Both companies benefit from resolution but if the rumors are right Apple got everything it asked for which seems right considering Qualcomm’s behavior in terms of standard essential patents. Qualcomm can now focus on 5g competition and other lawsuits.

    fred stein
  • Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren focusing 'right to repair' on farmers, not tech

    Ms. Warren and the rest of her liberal/progressive friends in Congress can move to Russia, China or Cuba if they would like since they believe that life is better without FREEDOM! While I may be parts of her idea to allow farmers to fix their own equipment, that is not really what she is trying do with her proposed legislation. Like many liberal/progressive ideas it sounds good from what they say but the ‘fine print’ I am certain includes many restrictive ‘strings’ attached that will limit the farmer’s FREEDOM. It is all about more and more and more government control of our lives to get and keep “We the People” under their ‘collective’ thumb. We are witnessing the effects of reducing regulation and lowering tax rates already with our current vibrant economy. More control by the government means stifling the progress that has been made in the last two years after 10-years of decline and stagnation. 
    Nuts. Trump is the buddy to Russian commies. 

    And how’s that conservative FREEDOM when it comes to abortion? Oops. Drug? Oops. Strip clubs? Oops. Conservatives have their own silly baggage too, clearly. 
    That’s funny, because it’s the Democrats in Washington who are literally proposing Marxist policies.

    Typical deflect fallacy. Throw out a scary name and fail to address the argument. Republicans have plenty of protectionist anti capitalist legislation and questionable morals to boot. Further Marxism and socialism are not the same. Socialism brought you things like public roads, education, and the Internet (e.g government research dollars).  The government spends billions on public research that couldn’t be conducted any other way. The police force, fire department, and court houses are all socialist. 

    Companies like John Deere are abusing the Digital Millenum Copyrighr Act, which certainly is anti-consumer. They essentially created a software lock that prevents farmers from working on their own equipment like they have been doing for years driving the cost up for farming products. 

    Many Republican States, some Democrat States, won’t let Tesla sell cars direct based on archaic laws that date back to when car manifacturers relied on dealers to sell vehicles and dealers heavily invested in their businesses to do so.

    Presciption Drugs are another example. Republicans have passed legislation prohibiting the federal government from using its purchasing power to negotiate a better price for drugs, prohibiting online sales of drugs, and preventing the importation of legally obtained drugs.

    Rebublcans have passed laws prohibiting power sourced from renewable resources at the expense of the so called free market.

    The Republican government handed out tons of money to Foxcon to build a plant with no foreseeable near term benefit to doing so. Republicans love corporate welfare.

    People like you seem to want to go back to the days when companies pretty much could do anything in the name of making a buck including killing you.

    Other  people want companies to act responsibly and the only way to achieve that is legislation. That seems right since the law provides corporation owners a lot of protection from taxes and lawsuit liability.

  • Artists claim Apple pays in goods instead of cash for Today at Apple sessions

    DAalseth said:
    It isn't an Apple problem. Talk to a lot of artists, musicians, designers, and such and you'll find that nobody wants to pay them for their work. Apple wouldn't try this if they needed an electrician, or someone to fix the roof, or replace a window. Why do so may people think merch and "exposure" is all an artist needs for all their training and hard work. "Exposure" wont put food on the table or keep a roof over your head. Do you think Apple pays its own designers with an AppleWatch 3? Then why would they do this for an artist they brought in for an event at their stores?
    I don’t know. Maybe because plumbers and electricians are professionals that Apple is forced to hire when the need arises and these professionals get what the market bears. They don’t need exposure. Artists coming to the Apple store are amateurs and they also get what the market bears. If they didn’t want to do the Apple store gig they wouldn’t. There are plenty of clubs where performers play for nothing other than exposure. Here they are at least recieving product. Apple also doesn’t need their services just desires them.