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  • Review: Brydge Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Pro

    I still just don't get Apple's iPad keyboard...
    Bluetooth in keyboards was perfected eons ago and made keyboard cords obsolete.  When was the last time you saw one?
    But effectively, Apple's smart connector is just a very short cord -- the worst of all options:  it's a cord and a short one at that.

    Add to that Apple's holder for the iPad which neither allows it to tilt nor holds it securely, and you have a very clunky solution.

    Then also add that it effectively makes the iPad a touchscreen laptop without a cursor...  (heavy sigh...)

    So, Apple continues to advertise its iPad as a laptop replacement.  But, as currently configured, it makes a pretty shitty laptop -- even though the technology is there to make it an outstanding one (at least for the average user typing a term paper or filling out a spreadsheet).

    To quote Jobs:  "This is crap!   FIX IT!"
    The problem is the lag you get between the devices, the charging of the device and the pairing of the devices. These are all big problems that the Smart Keyboard does not have.
    Like I said, i admire my Brydge keyboard for what it tries to do and on looks, but ultimately it is not a practical solution. The Smart Keyboard is.
  • Review: Brydge Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Pro

    If you actually type on your iPad and have any intention to write anything of length, or are sitting somewhere forced to use your actual lap as surface... This is the only keyboard you should be considering. Apples is crap, it's shaky and shifts and about 100$ more than its worth. Oh and forget about typing on the dark.

    If a Mac is out of your budget and you need to keep it tighter financially for a minute -the 10.5 pro, pencil, and Brydge will easily replace a Macbook. Perhaps there are some professionals here this wouldn't be the case but id fight u and win. Books are written the way. Add the Nimbus and you can game too... It's also 1000$. Is that fair ? Since that's what macbook costs ? Probably not. But I have both.

    Having said that - this accessory should have launched 6 months ago, isn't all that different from its original design and it doesn't get the love Logitech gets from Apple when Logi (really?) Is always Plan c. I don't get that.

    It's got a bit of that lovely Chinese metallic sheen but the damn thing doesn't wobble on my actual lap. 

    Wins. Not even apple back lit it's keyboard. But they still have to sell MacBooks so - theres where this always goes. The iPad pro should replace the air. Get on with it. Converge before MS and Android do... It's coming and doesn't that sound awful... - let us figure it out. 

    And put thunderbolt on the entry macbook. Stop F**** around. OR GIVE THE AIR A RETINA SCREEN.
    As you say yourself, once said and done it's better if you just get a laptop if you are going to be using it primarily as a laptop, With the pencil, people are using it in different ways, and the Apple smart keyboard keeps everything compact and clean if you need to sit down somewhere and type. I mean who actually buys a tablet to primarily type on their lap? lol
  • Apple aims to debut TV slate in 2019, sans any HBO-style risque content

    Oh boy. Sans risqué subject matter?

    Oh boy. 

    Good luck with that.
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  • Apple investigating advanced 3D Touch technology with integrated feedback

    This would be really nice for CAD drawing with the Apple pencil. Especially when joining on intersecting lines.
  • Watch: Unboxing both Apple Watch Series 3 Edition models...at once

    Seeing The Ugly Red Dot in motion is even worse than pictures. The Watch looks so simple, clean, and elegant until you turn it around and expose the TURD. It screams for attention like a TURD in a punchbowl.
    Get a black sharpie and shut up. Geez it’s a dot.