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  • iPhone 11 Pro review - Buy for the better camera, stay for the battery life

    "For most users, the upgrade of the selfie camera to 12 megapixels with an f/2.2 aperture won't make one single bit of difference. "

    'Not one single bit' is maybe not the best expression to use in this context..
  • Don't update to iOS 13 just yet -- wait for iOS 13.1

    And yes, swipe keyboard is great, but how do you type double letters, like le'tt'ers?
    you don't do anything special.. you just swipe over the t.. since 'leters' is not an existing word, it should propose 'letters', even without you needing to pause over the t..
  • All the changes to Notifications on your iPhone in iOS 12

    dreyfus2 said:

    If I could only find a way to stop iOS from bringing up notifications for emails it then puts into spam... About 90% of my distractions would be gone. While at it: Having "send to spam" as an option in the swipe gestures in the mail list would save me a three-digit number of unnecessary manual activities a day.

    All the listed things are nice, but of little use to me. I do not use Siri, and the others solve problems I do not really have, since I have very few apps configured to create alerts: email, text messages, one general news app that has its own notification filter, and AI. Mail is really my only problem (well, as far as notifications are concerned :-)
    In settings for mail, notifications, you can choose only to receive notifications for VIP persons.. So, basically you enable that and flag those persons you want to receive notifications for as VIP's, which you do by clicking the sender in the email and clicking 'Add to VIP'.
  • All the changes to Notifications on your iPhone in iOS 12

    gbdoc said:
    You write, about notifications, "we still need them to keep up with what is going on". Do we really? Do we really have to know, all the time in realtime, what's happening, what and where our "friends" are doing, what the Kardashians are up to, and on and on? Do we really, really need this? C'mon ...
    No you don't, which is why you can choose not to receive notifications.. or only for the *important* ones..
    And if you have many important ones, ios 12 now manages them better..
    I wonder why one has to point out the obvious..
  • How to use your iPhone to create your own passes and ditch your wallet

    For my physical cards I  have secrid:
    That and my iPhone is all I wear these days.. I'd just recommend the one with leather pouch.. without it slips too easily out of your pocket..
    it holds just six cards:
    - identity card 
    - driver's license 
    - debet card 
    - credit card
    - metro card 
    - city-bike-rental card