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  • Review: Mophie powerstation Hub solves your charging woes

    > Luckily, part of this is alleviated thanks to the 5W Qi charger on the side. When not plugged into a wall, the internal battery or a USB-C cord can be used to turn the powerstation Hub into a wireless charging pad.

    > This allows several scenarios to play out, such as to connect it to the side of your MacBook Pro and use it as a charging hub for your iPhone, Watch, and other gear.

    ... but to clarify, the wireless charging can’t do the watch, a dongle is still necessary. Bummer. 
  • WWDC19: SwiftUI was the brightest star in a galaxy of new ideas

    They did all that years ago. I've built out three server side projects using the Swift Vapor framework. 

    (Natively in browsers, not quite here, but coming to WebASM sooner or later)
  • Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 update is faster with better camera & USB-C

    I know a guy who's working on a vertical/indoor farming startup. He's built a platform where the plants all have QR codes under them; workers can walk around the aisles and see at a glance which plants require water, have a fungus, are ready for harvest, etc. 

    Warehouse workers being given directions or orders amidst hundreds of thousands of crates. I once had a job working at UPS, loading boxes into trucks for cross-country transit. I had to check the zip codes of 60-100 boxes per minute to make sure I wasn't sending a California box to Texas. I could never keep the lists of zips correct, eventually washed out. Google Glasses would have been a godsend.

    There was good story about their use in surgery and medical settings.

    Google Glass is a great product. It's just not a great consumer product.
  • OWC launches Aura N internal upgrade SSDs for Macs

    Can someone tell me the difference regarding the OWC Aura Pro X2 480 GB (other than the Pro being much faster and slightly more expensive)?
    I am interested in putting it into my late 2013 13" MBP.
    It's faster and slightly more expensive.

    IMO you're not going to notice the difference unless you're doing the kind of work where a 2013 CPU and GPU is going to be inadequate in the first place.
  • Full-screen Touch ID could come to the iPhone with acoustic fingerprint imaging

    mike1 said:
    ireland said:
    Touch ID is also better for payment in store.
    In what way? I've noticed that I can use Face ID to authorize the payment and then bring the phone close to the reader. I do not have to push the side button and look at the screen while holding the phone near the reader.
    Huh. I didn't know that. The side button push is very clumsy on a 10S MAXTREME.

    Four months in, still don't like FaceID. Touch ID would "just work" while pulling the phone out of the pocket, Face ID requires this weird stare. Do not like.