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  • Apple expanding child safety features across iMessage, Siri, iCloud Photos

    crowley said:

    Stay the hell out of MY phone.  

    What's the alternative? You think Android/Google respects your privacy more? Mining and exploiting your data is literally their business plan.
    Google and Microsoft and Android never stood up and beat their chest about what happens on your phone stays on Your phone.  We all know that we have little privacy anymore.  At least Google tells you that the are using you for payment.  

    Apple screwed up here.  Try to advertise about your privacy stance now lol.  They sold out.  Nothing else 

    aplle can scan my pics all day once they are one the Apple servers.  Not a moment before hand.  Not when qued to go.  Only after they go 
    Why?  What actual real world difference does it make that you would be having such an intense reaction?
    Why?   It’s not their phone. I own it.  I won’t allow the install on my 11PM.   Staying in iOS 14 until this is reversed.  Give it a month.   Apple hates bad press.  They haven’t seen bad press like this in ages if ever. Far worse than the battery throttling press. The sold out. Now we know the whole “privacy” angle was a lie 
  • Apple to adopt hybrid work model despite worker pleas for more flexibility

    emig647 said:
    sflocal said:
    Employees are going to get a little reality check about who calls the shots.

    Those who’d rather stay home will have plenty of time to do just that when they’re looking for another job.
    Those who work at Apple will have no trouble finding other jobs if remote is what they desire. Tech companies are throwing insane amounts of money at engineers right now. Talent is not easy to acquire and there is so much competition. The smart ones are offering options with remote only along with these offers. We have had countless no-shows once candidates make it to the "onsite" portions of the interview process because they already have three offers in hand. Just got done paying off someone's entire four year sign on bonus from a previous employer so we wouldn't miss out.
    And Apple will replace them easily.  Dont let the door hit you on your ass on the way out 
  • Apple to adopt hybrid work model despite worker pleas for more flexibility

    dee_dee said:
    hentaiboy said:
    LOL. Apple didn’t spend $5b on its new HQ to have everyone work from home 😉
    Apple can always use the Spaceship for marketing material, shooting their product launch videos and their hardware, advertising teams.  As for software engineers, the horse has left the barn and it’s only a matter of time for Apple to figure that out. 

    And so is your job if you don’t come back.  Cya

  • Apple to adopt hybrid work model despite worker pleas for more flexibility

    Good.  Be glad you have a job and get back to the office.  The entitlement some have.  
  • Google made it hard for users to keep location data private

    cgWerks said:
    ihatescreennames said:
    I agree. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they “don’t care” about privacy implications with Facebook, Google, their location data, etc. They would rather save a little money or get something for free. “Well, nobody has privacy anymore so what’s the difference?”
    Yeah, this is a problem.
    And, i suppose in general, it doesn't matter too much until it does (until you become a victim of it in some way).
    We're more aware of the issues, past, present and can think of potential future problems, where someone who isn't thinking about that just hasn't experienced it so far, so who cares? I think they will, but it will be too late by then.