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  • Apple to enable new iPhone eSIMs via software update, iPhone XS boasts faster wireless cha...

    Could it not be the fault of the FCC? Apple’s website, before AirPower was scrubbed, noted that AirPower was still awaiting FCC approval. 

    I’m not an FCC expert nor product release expert, but not many people seem to mention the lack of FCC approval. 
  • Channel checks, sales data on HomePod likely as wrong as it was about Apple Watch in 2015

    Savage. Get ‘em, DED. This is exactly the kind of rumor Brian Tong would salivate over and harp on his show reapeatedly. 
  • A deep dive into HomePod's adaptive audio, beamforming and why it needs an A8 processor

    Tell all that to Brian Tong at CNET. Man that dude is an Apple hater disguised as a self proclaimed fan. His shtick is saying he loved the Apple of the past and everything today is dog shit, while praising and loving all things google and Alexa and amazon. Hahah he’s entertaining but not very well versed in tech. Not like the guys on the Apple Insider podcast, for example. 
  • Walmart Pay uses bizarre metric to claim its dominance over Apple Pay is approaching

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    “There are apps for WalMart Pay on Android and iOS, and the customer must run the app and generate a QR code for the cashier to scan.

    AppleInsider has used both WalMart Pay and Apple Pay.”

    Wut. I’ve used both extensively. For Walmart Pay, the customer doesn’t have to generate a QR code for the cashier to then scan... what is Apple Insider using? The Walmart app I have lets you 3D Touch the app, swipe and let go on ‘Walmart Pay’, it asks for passcode or Touch ID or Face ID (presumably but I haven’t tried it since getting my iPhone X Nov 3rd), the camera comes up and you scan a QR code on the checkout screen you’re at, and that’s it. The checkout computer links to your walmart account and charges your credit card once you hit “I’m done” on the computer screen. There no paper receipt. I usually go to the self checkout so there’s no cashier to scan anything on my phone screen anyways. I get an electronic receipt and I submit the items I bought for an automatic price match feature that gives you credit when there’s lower prices somewhere else for the same item. It’s pretty sick. Apple Pay is way quicker for payment but Walmart Pay has electronic receipts stored in the app indefinitely and that’s quite convenient. And price match feature is kool though I only get like $10 back every 6 months, but hey it’s better than $0.

    I just don’t get Apple Insider’s comment on a cashier needing to scan a QR code generated on your phone. What’s that about?
    It launched with the QR code scan, and that's when we tried it. Some WalMarts still need it, apparently.

    That said, I'll re-try it this weekend, see if it's gotten any faster.
    Oh really. I’ve never seen that version and I’ve been using it since it was announced in store. I’m perplexed.

    I tried finding a decent demonstration video on YouTube so I can show you how it’s used, and as usual most people on YouTube don’t seem to use technology to it’s optimum convenience. So here’s an in-depth run down on the way I believe it’s best used.

    As I approach the self checkout or manned cashier, I take out my iPhone from my left pocket with my left hand and I only use one hand for the entire process (most people wait till the end to scan the QR code but that’s a waste of time, you can prepare Walmart Pay before getting to the cashier and scan the QR code before scanning your items. Or if you’re at a manned cashier, scan the QR code while the cashier is scanning your items. Most ppl don’t know you can swipe your credit card while the cashier is scanning your items, you don’t have to wait till the end when the cashier is finished scanning your items, and it’s no different for Walmart Pay). I unlock my iPhone with my thumb as I’m bringing up the phone so I can look at it, the phone unlocks before I’m ready to interact with it. I 3D Touch the Walmart app, and without letting go I swipe and release on the “Walmart Pay” 3D Touch menu selection, the app opens on the Walmart Pay screen and waits for my Touch ID authentication and I already have my thumb on Touch ID in anticipation. It authenticates and the app uses the camera and wants you to scan the QR barcode at the checkout screen, so you do that and it’s faster if you’re already at this step before you’re in front of the cashier screen so you can quickly bring up your phone to the QR code and BAM.. Now you can put your phone back into your pocket as it’s not needed any further. The checkout computer links to your Walmart account, it says “welcome YOUR NAME”, you scan your items, and when done hit Checkout or I’m Done on the checkout computer screen, and you can start walking away since the system will say “Thank you for shopping at Walmart, your e-receipt has been sent.”

    I have to go into detail because nobody on YouTube seems to demonstrate the most efficient way. They’re all either clunky or terrible or don’t demonstrate from the beginning; they start with the app already open and navigate to Walmart pay and don’t do 3D Touch. It’s like people demonstrating Apple Pay by unlocking the phone and opening the Walllet app, or even double clicking the home button from the lock screen to open Apple Pay; those are both unnecessary because you can place the unlocked iPhone with the black screen next to the NFC reader and it auto detects the terminal and brings up Apple Pay and if you’re thumb is already on Touch ID when you brought the phone up to the reader, the transaction is seamless. No double clicking or button pressing or unlocking necessary. 
    Wow. 326 words to describe the most efficient WP process.
    Gotta be specific and nuanced so ppl don’t end up butchering it, like people who unlock their phones and open the wallet app just to use Apple Pay, using two hands, and they wait until the cashier is finished scanning the items before they pay with Apple Pay. Drives me nuts. 
    There are terminals that won't let you input your digital payment or won't register the payment process start until after all the times are scanned and the cashier does some maneuver with the buttons to create a total, and then there's the potential for a wrong amount which may require a void which may require a manager to come over, so I'm fine with waiting until after all the items are scanned before submitting a payment, but I do hate when people don't even ready their payment before they hear an amount.
    That’s true too. Good point to consider. 👍
  • Walmart Pay uses bizarre metric to claim its dominance over Apple Pay is approaching

    I started using apple pay a lot more and it is much easier than using a card. I still get a paper check from a cashier, but I don't have to touch that terminal and try to figure out which button to push in order to make the magic happen. I just pull out the phone, bring it next to the pay terminal, double click the home button, done. That takes like 4-5 seconds and feels A LOT faster than paying with a card.
    Try not double clicking the home button. The iPhone auto detects the NFC reader when it’s like 1-3 inches away and wakes up to the Apple Pay screen waiting for authentication with your default card. No need to double click the home button. Even less steps and effort if you take advantage of the auto NFC reader detection.