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  • KGI: iPhone 7 won't sell as well as the iPhone 6s

    sog35 said:
    So iPhone7 will sell 10 million more units then he expected because Note7 problems? The Note7 only sold 1.5 million units at launch. And you SERIOUSLY think 10 million Note7 customers will buy iPhone7 instead?

    Nah. I think your critical reading skills were a little off here.

    The exact quote is "the research firm has escalated its sales estimates from 65 million to between 70 million and 75 million, mostly because of the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the dual-camera feature in the iPhone 7 Plus. "

    Key points:

    Escalated sales estimates..... mostly because of.....recall.....and the dual camera.

    You arbitrarily try to say that the 1.5 million Note 7s sold and recalled don't add up to the additional estimated 10 million sales for iPhone; and therefore it's bullshit. Well, yes and no. Here's why.

    In one sense, obviously not all 1.5 million ppl who bought Note 7s are instead buying the iPhone 7 because of the recall (Samsung actually said 90% of customers who comply with the recall stick with the free replacement Note 7.) Still, that other 10% doesn't account for the extra 10 million iPhone sales. Duh. So this leads to the next point.

    In another sense, the Note 7 had been released for like what, 2 weeks, before the issues were reported and later the recall was announced? How many more people would've bought the Note 7 if they weren't exploding and being recalled? Once the reports went mainstream, then the international news about the explosions, then national and international recalls, warnings from the FCC, airlines, US government, foreign governments...... you could argue that this deterred potential future buyers of the Note 7.

    A third point is the aforementioned dual camera. Other phones have dual cameras, sure. But iPhone is by far more popular and revered by the general public as a "gold standard"; whether or not you agree the historic sales say they are the most popular. HTC One M8, LG G5, Huawei P9 have dual cameras but do not sell like the iPhone and the vast majority of people outside the tech world don't know they exist. "Everyone" knows the iPhone brand. So that brings in more iPhone buyers interested because of the "new" dual lens camera.

    So to recap:

    1) People switching away from their Note 7 due to the recall

    2) Potential future Note 7 buyers deterred from buying it because of the recall

    3) Dual lens camera attracting people away from Note 7 that doesn't have it

    4) "Mostly because of". The report says mostly. Keyword mostly. What is mostly, it's 51% or more. Could be 95% or could be 51% of the reason for increased estimates. They didn't specify. So there are obviously more factors that weren't mentioned that are attributable to the increase in estimates.

    You can't just say "So instead of admiting you were fuking wrong, you make an excuse that iPhone7 is selling well because of Note7 failure."

    Well yes. But also not in the way you expressed it; that's not quite what he or the report said. That's not well thought out nor does it include the nuances in what was actually written. I think you're mad and seeing red; I've done that too sometimes. It's hard to admit, I know. It sucks. 

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  • South Korean analysts expect 100 million iPhone 7 orders fulfilled by end of 2016

    Damn. Orders to supply components for 80 million iPhones, possibly 100 million. For fucks sake, this flies in the face of everyone spelling doom for Apple from removing the headphone jack, being boring, no innovation, etc.

    It's not an objective perspective issue. Yeah, Galileo had an opposing view of our solar system when 99% of everyone were convinced earth was the center of the universe, let alone the solar system. But Galileo had objective proofs and numbers and math and testable observations and logic and reasoning. You can't claim that the 100 million people buying the phone are somehow brainwashed and you're the sane 1% and justify it with debunkable arguments. "Innovative features" - that nobody uses, don't improve anything. "Quad core processor" - it's still slower. "4GB RAM"- still slower. "4K display" - not necessary on a phone and 4K content is way less than 50% of all content. "AMOLED Screens" - they are awesome and better, but not enough to compromise needing to put octa-core processors and 8GB RAM and much thicker battery JUST to not move backwards in performance and speed and thickness etc. The trade off is not viable yet. Too much sacrifice; it's not like it's a jump from black and white screens to AMOLED. Too much sacrifice for too little gain. Wait till a better version of AMOLED is mature with no drawbacks. 
  • James Corden joins Eddy Cue, Jimmy Iovine and Bozoma Saint John in new Apple Music ad

    I laughed my ass off. It was such a perfect commercial. We'll almost, the last like 15 sec or less than stellar, they could've left that out.

    i thought the merger between Corden/Apple was gonna be cheesy. Like the intro to the keynote. But this ad was freakin perfect. Like well done. Good timing. Good jokes. Good acting from everyone. Pleasantly surprised. Too bad their YouTube video disabled comments. Would like to gauge the reactions to it. 
  • Wireless charging tech firm Energous namechecks Apple in regulatory filing

    "Durrrr but Samsung has had wireless charging for years. Apple is light years behind. I know wireless charging isn't wireless. And it's slower than plugging it in, in essence making it a step worse without much benefit. But it's innovative and automatically means Samsung is better. They have more features like this, yet I don't concentrate on the quality/usefulness of them. Gimmicky? No I call that being light years ahead......"
  • U.S. urges Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners to stop use, return after 26 burned, 55 property damage fir

    I had a guy on YouTube argue that not all Note 7s have caught fire. Which is undoubtedly true, sure. But that until all Note 7s blew up, there was no actual problem. Unbelievable amount of delusion, or stupidity, or whatever other descriptive noun is applicable. "How can it be a problem if not all the phones have blown up yet? Some are still fine."

    Some ppl have no concept of risk/reward, incident rates, statistics, etc. According the the article, this YouTube person isn't the only dummy. I'd understand if 0.1% of phones were getting blue screen of death; that's not a serious risk worth a formal recall. But an explosion or fire for 0.1% of possibly 10 million phones (if Samsung would've continued to sell them, lets say) means 10,000 exploding phones. Geezus, you can't focus on the "0.1%" and say it's a non-issue; it's 0.1% of how many, and look at the final number and the obvious risk vs reward.

    Reward = you keep using your phone. Yay
    Risk = the phone explodes, burns you or your car or your home or your daughter, or maybe kills you while it was charging by your head while sleeping.

    You're risking that much to get that reward? Ok..... When everyone is telling you to return the fucking thing, the US government, foreign governments, airlines, cell providers, even Samsung overlords themselves, and you say "my lords, this must a test. I will not fail you!! I will show you my devoted loyalty", you can't be on forums throwing around "isheep" without being so hypocritical.