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  • Apple debuts $159 AirPods wireless earbuds with W1 wireless chip, 5 hours of battery life

    tangey said:
    Other than being able to tap one of them to activate siri, there is not a single mention of any controlling function. No volume up/down, no track skipping, no pause. The diagram at the end that showed the features of the airpods had no mention of control inputs. I'm a bit concerned that with these not being mentioned, it suggests it all has to be done from the phone, which would be a serious functionality lose. You would think that if they had a series of taps to mean different things, it would have been mentioned.
    According to Apple's website, that's all controlled by Siri. Double tap an earpiece to activate Siri for controlling volume, change song, make a call, get directions, or anything else Siri can do.

    That's a legit concern. But the compensation is sleeker design. Physical buttons meant you needed a bigger footprint or swap out space real-estate for the control inputs. It doesn't work that great when you consider the only other good competitor which is Bragi. Bragi wireless earphones look and promised amazing shit, and apparently didn't deliver. Microphone is garbage, connectivity is garbage, for example. Read this article reviewing their $300 version:

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  • Apple debuts $159 AirPods wireless earbuds with W1 wireless chip, 5 hours of battery life

    These are pretty sick as fuck. Have you read the actual performance points or did you actually watch the keynote? Or do you just read someone's tweet about 5 hours per use and conclude it's garbage compared to other wireless earphones?

    Use critical thinking skills and don't conclude shit before you make a comprehensive comparison. It's like, yeah it's true you can get $25 wireless earphones at Walmart. Go ahead, get those since you hold them with such high regard from just the price point. Let me know how that goes. The airpods are also not the most expensive either. But one of the many unique selling points is seamless integration with the apple ecosystem.

    I want to wait for reviews, because the microphone looks top notch. I have Jaybird X2s and the microphone is so-so at best. People have a hard time hearing me on phone calls, and phone connectivity is unstable compared to the perfect music connectivity. Plus, it has never lasted the 8 hrs they claim to last. It's always around two uses of 1hr 30 min gym sessions which equals less than 4 hrs. I even got an exchange from Jaybird from claiming the bad battery performance, and the replacement ones were just the same. That's sad. Hopefully airpods have better battery life with the better performance because Jaybird X2s come with really high regard.

    Perfecting the cordless design is enticing and worth it. I don't know that they've done that yet, but we'll have to see when they actually come out and get tested. All the little details combined seem to justify the price. Def not cheap though.

    At least the dongle is $9 for all those bitching about it. If Apple has it for $9, for sure they'll be like $3 from a 3rd party. 
  • Apple sends invitations for 'iPhone 7' event on Sept. 7: 'See you on the 7th'

    The dark theme hints at a dark mode maybe?
    And the colored bubbles looks like the Siri animation, so heavy updates to Siri?
    It's what I'm thinking 
  • Frank Ocean releases new album 'Blonde' as Apple Music exclusive

    xmhillx said:
    Frank Ocean. 

    It's ok if you've never heard of him. The entertainment industry is full of talented, award-winning folks across many genres who appeal to different audiences. Many of whom I've never heard of either.
    Yeah, true. Though, hearing the name Frank Ocean made me think he was someone like Frank Sinatra. Older guy, old-timey music, or something like that. I was like "oh, is this like Johny Cash coming out with a new album in his late ages?" Had no idea Frank Ocean was a 28 year old rapper lol
  • Frank Ocean releases new album 'Blonde' as Apple Music exclusive

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