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  • CVS continues Apple Pay snub, launches barcode-based 'CVS Pay'

    How is this any different than the Starbucks App which does practically the same thing and is a runaway success?

    I do agree though that CVS is going the wrong way with this. I much prefer to use my Apple Pay or NFC payment's as a whole. 
    One obvious difference that I hadn't seen mentioned is that the Starbucks app was around way before aPay.  It's not like they saw aPay and decided to go their own way.  It also means that not only have their customers had time to acclimate to it's usage, but they've figured out ways to add value (e.g. online ordering) to the app AND to still integrate aPay (you can use it to reload your card).  To me that is the best of both worlds, it still utilizes aPay so SB never has my "real" CC on file and I benefit from the extra security (and convenience) and being able to reload my card with a simple fingerprint scan AND I can leverage their loyalty program and other features.

    What will/should happen is that folks will figure out how to utilize aPay within their custom loyalty apps and therefore forgo the additional expense of additional POS hardware.  The clearer technical path is to mimic SB for now, but expect that to change going forward (once the legacy of MCX finally goes away).
  • Apple supplier Foxconn replaces 60,000 workers with robots

    am8449 said:
    If manufacturing becomes more automated and relies less on human workers, is there any reason to continue to do it in China?
    It's been a long time since just labor costs was the primary driver for Apple doing their manufacturing in China.  These days supply chain efficiency and the ability to rapidly ramp workforce (and subsequently quickly wind it down) are far more important than simply paying a worker a few ducats less per hour.
  • Ping 2.0? Apple Music revamp rumored to downplay Connect social network feature

    What they need to do is to have Connect aggregate from other social media sites, make it a one stop source for tweets, instagrams, etc. They could then add some "premium" features unique to connect. This would lower the barrier for artists to not to have to support "yet another social media channel", be more convenient for users to track the goings on of their favorite stars, and still make it possible for someone to do something creative with connect. Sometimes I think that the folks running Music/iTunes are so afraid of messing up their cash cow that they are myopic about coming up with unique value added (almost like Browett taking over retail and becoming so laser focused on efficiency he forgot about the experience).