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  • Right to Repair advocates aren't sold on Apple's Self Service Repair program

    ‘Self-repare’ advocates forgot that they are asking for ‘self’… not for only ‘repair.’
    And ‘self-device’ —IMEI requirement— and ‘self-repair’ —rented toolkits— is just what the were ‘saying’ they wanted.

    But they were wanting another thing…
    Apple even gives the manuals for free!
    And now they are blaming there are too much problems… or it is costly… or…

    Remember… blaming Apple give you attention… and page views!

  • Apple TV+ paying $100 million for Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson 'Project Artemis'

    I would like to see a title like… “Apple paid $500 millions to secure production of the film ‘The Tragedy of Ted Lasso’ written by William Gallager and directed by Stephen Robles”!
  • It's time for Apple to retire the Apple Watch Series 3

    I do remember, long time ago, in a time ‘financial doubts’ —well, only by wallstreeters— that some asked Tim Cook what he thought about that speculation… and Tim answered: “I know the numbers!”

    So… in this case —as in the iPhone SE— Apple ‘knows the numbers.’
    Maybe, it is selling truly well with more than nice revenues… and they will keep ‘milking the cow’ for as long as they can.

    Also… for years and years… people asked for ‘cheaper’ Apple's devices: this is the cheapest smartwatch to be in the best platform.
  • Apple Silicon Mac Pro could combine two M1 Ultra chips for speed

    Before this kind of ‘future predictions’ I use to remember the Arthur Clarke's Third Law of Predicting the future: “If you advance too far, it is like magic!”

    And the M1 —with its unified memory— and the Ultra —with its UltraFusion connection— are both ‘like magic’ (specially for what we expected).

    So, before doing any prediction I will suggest that everyone of us make this simple test.

    1- Suppose you are seeing WWDC20 and the announce: Apple silicon transition.
    2- Now, remember what you expected. (Most probably, 1.5 times the speed of an Intel chip.)
    3- Then, put yourself in the Novenber event —the M1 launch— and check how far ahead was Apple's chip from what you thought.
    4- Remember what you thought it would be… ‘the next level.’
    5- Once again… next event… the M1 Pro and M1 Max launch and check how far back from the annoucements you were. Miles back, for sure.
    6- Once again… remember what you thought for the ‘next level.’
    7- Now stand in front of your monitor seeing the March 8 event and check how wrong you —us all— were.
    8- Now, you are in condition to ‘predict the future, the new MacPro.’

    Most probably, our thoughts advanced in a ‘lineal progression’ and Apple silicons advanced in an ‘exponential progression.’

    So, the MacPro won't have neither a M1 chip —its line is completed— nor an M2 —although the design already could be in production—.
    It would —most probably— neither be a two/four/eight/sixteen Ultras in the same package.

    Personally I think that there would be a totally new kind of chip or ‘something magic’ —like unified memory and UltraFussion— that will boost the performance far away from ‘linear prediction.’

    (The only thing I'm sure is that it won't have an Intel chip!)
  • Crime blotter: 12 years for Sprint iPhone theft, fake gun in 2020 iPhone robbery, more

    An idea for Stephen Silver… or anyone else at AI:

    If we see the news anywhere… it is obvios that robberies and blood accidents attacks our ‘dark side’… and page views… ad revenues.

    Why do not make an “Apple’s devices saving lives” weekly recap?
    People also like to read good news.