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  • Steve Jobs wasn't a good engineer, had to learn communication & sales says Wozniak

    Actually… the soul of Apple as a company is that ‘it is a learning company.’

    Woz was and still is a genial engineer… but did not learnt any other skills.

    Apple released a funny iPhone in 2007… old tech to say the less… and now dominates. Released an iPad… and dominoes… the Watch… 

    —Wait for the Apple car!
  • Collaboration needed to address stalking by AirTag, Tile, and other devices

    quote: “reports have suggested that the Apple tracker's security features actually makes it a poorer choice for malicious intent than similar devices.”

    This is the most convoluted for of ‘making Apple seems bad’ when, in reality, what you want to say that ‘Apple's AirTag have stronger security means.’

    All that pledge is to Apple to share its work… obviously without paying any IP!

    As for Android users with no back check… Just buy an iPhone!
  • Apple AR headset may require monthly software subscription, claims researchers

    Thinking that Apple will ‘copy’ HoloLens strategy is… obviously… possible…

    …the same way that Apple…
    …copied mp3 players with the iPod…
    …copied BlackBerry with the iPhone…
    …copied Microsoft and HP tablets with the iPad…
    …copied some ‘watch’ with the Apple Watch…
    …copied Intel with the M1 chip…
  • Amazon's Comixology migration is a disaster - here's what you need to know

    Other that the app itself, a ‘normal’ update, all this is —essentially—a change at the server level… going for Comixology's accounts to Amazon's account.
    This should be as easy as… Download new app… Log in with your Comixology account and the your Amazon account… and —at the most— a notice: “Wait two days, please.”
  • Apple's M2 chip - what to expect from the next Apple Silicon evolution

    When someone ‘predict’ the future —taking away ‘leakers’ that only want to be talked in the news—, I do remember two quotes and a test.

    Clarke's Third Law of Predicting the Future says: “If you go too far, it's like magic.” (Something that Steve Jobs loved to say.)
    Alan Kay uses to say: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” (Another thing that Steve Jobs loved a lot.)

    As for the test.
    Go back to WWDC20 —or before— when Apple Siliconwas announces and remember what you thought it would offer.
    Then, go to late 2020 and see what the M1 offered and then to mid 2021 what the M1 Pro and M1 Max offered.
    Most probably… you miss your estimations by a lot!

    First of all, we need to know how frequently will Apple renew the M series-
    Apple said that it will take ‘2 years for the transition.’
    The first step was ‘loading the chips’ in old models.
    The second step, delivering new models with new chips.
    The third step… would possible be… finishing the line with new models/chips  in the top range.

    It could be a step ‘one-and-a-half’ in which they delivered new designs with the same chip for the lower end products. The redesign of the second step was so acclaimed that it makes sense to me.

    In the cellphone realm —selling 200 millions each years— and due to marketing and competence reasons, it makes —economic— sense to release a new chip each year.

    With quite lower volume… will it make sense to a yearly release sequence? ¡
    I think Apple will have like more than a 2-3 years cycle.