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  • Peloton could be bought by Apple to boost healthcare initiatives

    With all due respect to… Wedbush analysts Daniel Ives and John Katsingris… they never understood the ‘build from the scratch in Apple soul’… essence of all Apple development.

    We should look back how many other ‘strategic adquisitions’ they claimed for Apple —most posible Netflix, or Disney, or…—.

    They earn their money by selling and buying stock… not by putting their money in the stock. If Peloton sells to Apple… Peloton's shares will go up… and they will earn a bigger commission.
    Let Amazon or Nike… best candidate… to buy Peloton.
  • Canon debuts EOS R5 C 8K cinema camera with active cooling system

    The ‘interesting’ part of the title was ‘active cooling’ and no information in the body!
    I have no idea if the ‘sensor’ is the one that ‘heats up’ or just the CPU.
    Do somebody remember when Apple released the biggest computer with a ”[automaker's] liquid cooling system?
    Maybe this camera uses a [Tesla's] ‘heat pump’!
  • More devs earn first $1M in annual revenue from App Store than Google Play

    Last year, Apple reduced the commission from 30% to 15% to developers earning less that $1M.
    Do they analysed that influence?

    Those 2021's $1M developers will change their ‘commission’ this year —it is evaluated each calendar year, I think—… so, in 2022 they will have to pay %30 and revenues will have a jump back.
  • Compared: Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro versus MSI GE76 Raider

    "MacBook Pros continue to outclass gaming notebooks"

    This is an article that is supposed to compare the Macbook Pro to a gaming notebook, but there's not one single gaming benchmark.  Let that sink in.  If you want to see if it 'outclasses' gaming notebooks, then benchmark the top AAA games and then you can see which one comes out on top (I already know the answer after doing some research).  Although it might be hard to find many AAA games that will run on the MacBook Pro because of the paltry selection.
    As we all know, AAA games and any —decent— games ‘is optimised’ for the device in which it is running —PC, Xbox, PS, etc.—, so we should —homely— wait for those AAA games to be optimised in the M1s… which, also, have ‘a new architecture.’
    Maybe, what Apple is doing is ‘showing the games studios’ that the new machines are powerful enough to them to take the time/money to optimise them.
    (This would be a win for gamers and Apple.)
  • Compared: Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro versus MSI GE76 Raider

    Just for the sake of comparison, I like the ‘brute force’ pixel pushing math.
    I multiply the number of pixels in the monitor times the refresh rate.

    3,456 x 2,234 x 120 >> 926,484,480
    1920 x 1080 x 340 >>  705,024,000

    Of course, a 3x refresh rate is quite important in games.
    But that ‘brute force’ show that there is lots of power in the MacBook Pro