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  • Qualcomm predicts it will supply only 20% of modems for 2023 iPhone

    Qualcomm is saying: “Attention Shareholders: We are going the way of Intel with Apple!”
  • Qualcomm aims to take on Apple Silicon in nine months

    They are missing a big point!

    If we take into account the interviews with Apple's execs on charge of chip design, hardware design, software design… they got what they got because of the deep integration.
    The M1 Max has a ProRaw silicon because pro users use it… and the software side give access to it.

    It is not anymore the ‘chip in one side’ —Intel—, the ‘OS in another side’ —Microsoft—, and the ‘device manufacturer in another side’ —Dell, Lenovo, HP…—.

    It is integrated design manufacturing operation…

    (But, maybe, in 9 month they could deliver pre-production chips similar to last November 2020's M1 chips…)
  • No, Apple is not making better products because Jony Ive left

    First things first, you have to put this Bloomberg's article in context: Bloomberg lives on pageviews and ‘blaming Apple brings page views’!

    Second, Bloomberg whole misses the point on Apple.
    Apple is a company that learns!
    Do somebody remember the first ‘Apple Portable’ —also known as ‘the brick’—… and then come the PowerBook that changed laptops forever.
    Do somebody remembers the ‘original fashion $17K gold Apple Watch’… and now we have the most sold smartwatch of the world —OK, also, the most sold ‘watch’—.

    Writing a column could take less that a day… building a change as the one we saw last Monday takes several years. (In a camera-related interview some Apple's exec said that they frozen the chip/camera design… three years in advance!)

    As Tim Cook uses to say in the revenues/shareholders meetings… Apple is for the long run!

    (And always, even with Steve's Cube, Apple is not afraid to ‘correct its mistakes’!)
  • Apple's PowerBook reinvented the laptop thirty years ago

    The PowerBook was ‘designed by Sony.’ What it would be nice to know is if Sony just designed the innards —electronics— or the change of keyboard position was done by Apple or Sony.

    On the Apple's side, there is another story about this ‘change of vision.’ When designing the original Macintosh, they wanted a ‘luggable’ computer —‘portables’ were only in the realm of sci-fi—. The ‘model’ was the Osborne 1, a big horizontal box, the size of a full keyboard, that was the cover of the front of the machine.
    The legend tells us that Apple's engineers were working with a cardboard model of and horizontal box… and someone turned it vertically… And the original Macintosh was born.

    ‘Creativity is seen things in a different way.’ Steve Jobs
  • Apple Search Ads grows during App Tracking Transparency push

    Statistics and percentages are always a good way to lie.

    If you eat a chicken and I eat none… percentage will tell that ‘each one ate 50% of the chicken’… while you are full and I am hungry!

    The change from 17% to 58% was due to a real gain by Apple or just by a reduction of the total ad market in iOS?

    If the total ad market went down to 30% of last years, 58% of the 30% is equal to 17% of last year 100% ad ,arlet.

    Remember: Blaming Apple brings pageviews to your site/blog!