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  • Intel to consumers: 'Go PC!' - Intel to Apple: 'Good God do we need your business!'

    Going back in time, when Steve Jobs took a falling Apple —three month to bankruptcy— the first thing that he made was to ‘propel the inner spirits’: The ‘Think Different’ campaign and then developed new products and lines —iMac/iPod—. No public speeches!

    Intel —it seems to me after the new CEO'd announcements— that they try to ‘propel inner spirits’ with an idiotic marketing campaign! And then ‘bravado speech.’ Where are the products, just promises.

    If life would be a ‘cause-effect system’ —which is not— Intel is already death.
  • Apple's Cook receives first time-based stock grant since 2011, incentivizes tenure into 20...

    We must remember that the origina 2011 payment was set full ‘in time’ and Cook asked to be partially performance-based.
  • Activists stage 'die-ins' at French Apple stores to protest impact of tax avoidance on soc...

    Why aren’t they staging these outside government offices? You know, the people that actually write the laws regarding taxes.
    Because if you stage in front of the government offices… no one will notice you! But, in front of Apple Stores… Apple, the tax devil… you'll get plenty of press! (Then, the leaders can get a place in Congress and make the same bad laws… or worse.)
  • Writing tool Ulysses for macOS, iOS shifts to monthly $4.99 subscription model

    I understand subscription model as a continuous flow of cash for the developers. Previously, Ulyses cost: for Mac $44.99, for iPhone and iPad $24.99. Now it cost $39.99 if you pay year upfront. That means that the non-subscription price is worth for 11 months of the new deal. In other words, what was eternal becomes yearly! OK, take into account that iOS changes every year and the software can work for 3 years (or the device you are using lives that time). Then, the developer is doing a 300% increase in price. That's what bothers me. Taking again the non-sub-price of $44.99 divided by 3 years and 12 months will give $1.25- Monthly subscription is $4.99 so 4.99/1.25=3.99… 400% Of course I like a 300/400% increase in my revenues! But I still think this is unfair.
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  • Rumor: Apple intends to replace Touch ID fingerprint scanner with advanced facial recognit...

    Of course, from Apple anything is possible! Maybe, the Titan project is a flying car! And Apple has us Accustomed to surprises: Swift, AFPS, ARKit… et al. But from the MobileMe fiasco and Maps introduction, I think that Apple learned to introduce things with certain low speed. When Apple Pay was introduced, it was only used for the app store. Touch ID was also introduced slowly. So, to change the identification method so radically seems to me difficult to believe. It is not the same that throwing away the audio plug. And, while they were throwing away it, they were introducing the AirPods. Apple uses to have a kind of interlocked development. So, yes, I do believe that this technology id comping, but not dropping all the other identification methods.