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  • Apple loses third manager from 'Apple Car' in six months

    lkrupp said:
    Bloomberg, always looking for the failure narrative when it comes to Apple. They do it all the time. 

    Wouldn't it be funny if Apple announces carOS and car at WWDC with a target delivery date of 2023? How would Bloomberg spin that as a failure? 
  • AirPods Pro could act as hearing aids for those with minimal hearing loss, study claims

    Before Apple even introduced Air Pods, I predicted the next medically-related field Apple would enter was hearing aids. The current state of the art hearing aids are expensive, require a tonne of maintenance, and aren't nearly as discreet, for the most part, as their manufacturers claim. White in-ear buds wired or wireless, are completely socially acceptable now, so their visibility is never an issue and, they're not just for music, PodCasts, phone, etc. Turning them into de facto hearing aids is really just a natural evolution of the AirPod line, especially for our generally vain, aging population (a demographic to which I belong) that is loathe to admit they, you know, are actually aging.

    Thankfully, I've yet to experience hearing loss, though I'm sure some degree of loss is in my future. 
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  • Apple chip partner TSMC to take part in White House semiconductor shortage summit

    I sure hope someone brings up the topic of water shortages. TSMC has faced production pressures the last several months due to drought in Taiwan yet TSMC, Intel, and maybe others. want to build chip fabs in Arizona when humans really ought not to live given the continual shortage of water. Think i through folks. Think it through.
  • Reopening, end of Apple TV+ trial are risks to Services revenue, bearish analyst says

    Rod Hall advised clients to sell Apple a year ago and issued a price target of $58. Less than a year later, he's raised his price target by 43% to $83.00 and still maintains a sell recommendation.

    Stopped clocks are more accurate than Hall. Not sure why or how he's still employed.
  • Intel to consumers: 'Go PC!' - Intel to Apple: 'Good God do we need your business!'

    lmasanti said:
    —three month to bankruptcy—.
    This is a myth. Apple's cash and cash equivalents in the mid 90s would last 7 years assuming their quarterly losses matched the worst quarterly loss of that period. I know. I built an all Mac business based upon this forgotten fact. It wasn't pretty but it wasn't on the brink of bankruptcy either.