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  • Apple's 'M2' processor enters mass production for MacBook Pro

    Hubro said:
    The upgradeability of older MacBooks has made it possible for artists and others who don't have much money to keep their older Macs going for a longer time than they could have otherwise, and has increased the resale value of those older MacBooks.
    Some users just keep their device for too long, when it should have been passed down the food chain.

    One will probably be better off money wise by selling off the old device with the original spec and buy a more recent 2nd hand Mac. I´ve done the math a couple of times, and more often than not, the cost difference between upgrade and replacement would not be significant enough to make upgrade worthwhile when taking the depreciation of value into account for both alternatives. As long as you are cautious when purchasing the 2nd hand. 

    it's hard keeping devices longer when batteries are hard to replace (glued, etc.) and have shapes that are very unusual. You won't find those batteries from Apple or third parties in a few years, even if other things in the computer are still working. And Apple laptops do not work well without batteries, as makeshift desktops.
  • Microsoft compares Surface Laptop 4 to MacBook Air in new ad

    The Laptop 3 and 4 killer feature is its 15” screen. That’s what made me go with two 15” entry level surface laptops for my kids for their remote school work, instead of Apple 13” laptops at those price points. Makes a big difference. Apple should make 16” laptops for general computing. 
  • Kuo: Redesigned MacBook Pro models with MagSafe, no Touch Bar, more ports coming in Q3

    Yes to Magsafe, and more ports/less dongles. Hard yea to removal of TouchBar. Unnecessary feature adding cost needlessly to an already expensive laptop. Also yes on larger 14” screen. 
  • Here's where Apple, Tesla and Amazon stood when they hit a $600B market cap

    Tesla is doing some good things, but I don't have faith in the completely autonomous stuff based solely on cameras. I just don't see that happening in real life. Another reason, other established auto makers are waking up to doing EVs right: look at Hyundai's newest EV platform, on which they'll build the Ioniq 5 and 6. Tesla will have serious competition soon. Additionally, Elon Musk won't see a dime from me for personal reasons. That's a different story however, but he has a talent of limiting the potential market of Tesla cars.
  • Apple paying $113M to settle multi-state investigation into iPhone throttling

    mike1 said:
    Crazy they are having to pay out for this as they wee only trying to prevent shutdowns on phones.

    No good deed goes unpunished.
    The power draw of the phone and battery capacity after a period of use was mismatched. That’s a design flaw.