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  • Google gives up on tablets: Android P marks an end to its ambitious efforts to take on App...

    auxio said:
    When Apple has grown even more, and plays the endgame of ‘winner takes al’, and the very ethical Tim Cook has retired, what will this humongous organization do with all its power? Whenever I buy Apple stuff, and I really own a lot these days, this question haunts me at night. 
    The funny thing is that a similar question haunts me for Google (and Facebook): if/when the time comes where they are being sold/changing hands, what happens to all of the profile data they've built up on people?

    That data would be worth a lot to governments or organizations interested in monitoring and potentially controlling a population's activities.  Not that people don't already make a lot of this data available publicly, but the level of detail in the profile data gathered by Google would offer far more potential for misuse.
    They already have built and are making the AI better and better for the US DoD to identify footage From drones. Sooner or later they can just build profiles of people for drones to hunt down, depending on their views on politics and how big a risk you pose for the deep state. Google could really just change their slogan to: ”Hey google, who do we wana kill today?”. Maybe we can search some facebook data for pictures?

  • Apple's MacBook refresh buys time for bigger changes

    k2kw said:
    Is there a reason the MacBook is still $1299? You'd think they could get the price down on that and finally kill the Air once and for all. I hate when products hang around just to meet a price point.
    Apple products: insanely great profitable.
    Here´s my 2 cents. Now with ipad pro geting files app and better multitasking I bet you that the air will be a lot trickier to sell. I think the ipad pro will finaly get its glance in the spotlight....

    Oh man have I waited for this...
  • Frankenphone combines (Product)Red iPhone 7 Plus with Jet Black iPhone face

    flaneur said:
    Marvin said:
    idrey said:
    It looks UGLY.

    Red goes with a white face so much better. 
    Disagree I like the red and black combination better. Too each its own. 
    They could offer both options, it's just a back case switch for Apple, which doesn't take any extra time during manufacturing. The other white front models had white bands so it made sense to have a white front as the white touched the screen but this one has red bands. I would have originally thought the white front was a better fit but after seeing this, I think it looks fine in black too. The white fits better with the Product Red branding but they sell Product Red cases that have no white in them so it's not essential to have white and still be sold as Product Red.
    wood1208 said:
    Thanks Mr. for visually proving the best combination for the Red iPhone. Apple can introduce black and white front for Red iphone to see which combination people like/buy the most. There is no extra cost during manufacturing, assembly. Than in future, no debate necessary.
    Of course it costs more to produce two different faces with the same backs. Both types of faces would need separate assembly lines, seperate inventory tracking, separate packaging, and another sales and tracking apparatus post manufacture. You guys never think deeply enough about manufacturing (!).

    Second, this whole topic of red vs. white with black illustrates why the red/black combination would have been tried and rejected by Apple in the first place. Red combined with black are the signal colors of both fascism and fetishism — too hot and too incendiary for a Product Red version of the phone. This is why people, including even John Gruber, are so blindly lusting over the combination, forgetting that Apple has to tread very carefully with a product like this.

    Of course they would go with Red Cross/Red Crescent red and white and not Nazi/satanic red and black. 
    WTF?! Do you know anything about manufacturing? This dosesnt cost anything more (the parts are already manufactured so its just part of the assembly and picking the right bezel). To avoid the cost of warehousing/investment in the supplychain, Apple could deliver this on upfront ordering and payment if Apple was interested in mass customization. But Apple doesnt have to because nobody is breathing down their neck so that they would need to differentiate further. apple could even take 100 bucks for this if it wanted to!
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  • Mac losing focus of Jony Ive, others in Apple management - report

    As many have stated hereon the issue. I see a bigger problem looming, but hope Apple doesnt waste its time/effort/advantage now in not bringing os x and IOS together. MS has exceeded expectations for what surface could be with the 4 and how it looks like a pretty good inbetween device. I have a few corporate clients that have switched now from macs to Surface 4 (atleast started). I asked their opinion and they where very pleased with the devices. So pleased that they couldn´t stop talking about it. And when you hear this from a former mac entusiast (the person/client that I asked) it really gives me the creaps on apples situation...Infact it sounds like something from the mouth of a mac devotee...

    Hope Apple keeps evolving the UI and devices to an even greater devices in the future and doesnt work like Sony and try to keep all the categories that are now. Things change and the ipad really hasnt. I mean well the hardware has but the UI is still quite the same as it came out, even if you could use it differently in you have another form factor and size. I wouldnt buy another ipad until it does something else (i use mine only for surfing/video/reading). The screen real estate thats wasted is just mindboggling to me. Its just a bigger iphone really (with the space inbetween the app launchers).

    Apple are we seeing better inbetween devices or arent we? Are you pushing up to the expectations of something greater?
  • Bluetooth streaming problems introduced in Apple's iOS 9.2 remain, have wide ramifications

    lkrupp said:

    Um... Did you have trouble following the reasoning I gave you in my original post? Or the ones following that? What part of 'advancing a conversation by providing a valid counterargument' (I am paraphrasing) are you having trouble figuring out?
    Does this mean you think anyone who dislikes a post should be obligated to respond to it instead? I dislike a post is when an opinion is presented as fact, positive or negative. No response is needed to such hubris. For example, "As everybody knows this is a massive issue for all users..." would get a dislike from me. As for your original post about the reasonableness of a member's post about wireless headphones that member called those who support the removal of the headphone jack "apologists" and that got an immediate dislike from me. You talk about reasonable conversations and debates. That post was a troll, period.
    BUT equally or more just trump down issues as not an issue (by pressing dislike) on the same ground even if the "fact" is not an opinion. The reader just interprets it as just an opinion. Take on the headset that's (well 2 different ones) that come with the iPhone. I know that many don't use them because they simply don't work for their ear geometry. My personal polling shows that its probably at least 50% of users globally My test group showed about 90% couldn't use them. The thing is that I got a few more negatives doesn't mean that is wasn't like I was wrong. Clearly only the fact got downplayed by a handful of people who prefer not to hear bad reviews/news and this fact disappears in the background. But keep putting your head in the sand and press dislike...