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  • Apple to offer 32GB of desktop RAM in top-end 2017 MacBook Pro, 16GB for 12" MacBook

    The base model 13" is about $300 to expensive. Should be $1200 for a 8gb/256gb no frills machine.

    Just kill the Air 13" and reduce the price (and throw in a hub, yeah right).
  • Mac sales stabilize in Q4 amid worldwide PC shipment decline

    Hmm, I don't know why people think this is positive?  An increase of 2.4% for the year where there was "pent up demand" is a bit disappointing. Two of the reports had negative growth in Q4 where there were new machines introduced!

    I'm assuming the 13" rMBP and MBA are their most popular models but having had only 1 month of full on sales (2 months for the base 13" rMBP) of the new rMBP models, we'll have to see. 

    I think the followup quarter will be more telling.

    Although I do feel the PC segment as a whole is to blame for lack luster sales, the $300 bump in prices for a more premium machine didn't help the situation.
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  • Samsung makes good on promise to bring Gear S2, S3, Fit 2 smartwatch compatibility to iOS

    I'm digging the all black Gear S3, very stealthy and nice.

    But smart watches in general, meh.  They need to last at least 5 days on a single charge.

    I don't want to constantly worry about charging a device that's attached to my body.

    They need to bring back the old school kinetic chargers.
  • Editorial: Apple survived 2016's onslaught of fake news and failed competitors

    Article is a bit too defensive in nature, acting more like the "fake news" it's deriding.

    2016 certainly wasn't Apple's best year, revenues down from 2015 which is note worthy considering the lineup contains new items (ipad 9.7 pro, and 12.9" model being 3months old going into the year) and more expensive memory options for iPhones, and of course the new Macbook Pros.

    That's not to say it was a failure but invites criticism from those that have an opinion on how things should should be handled.

    Also, the complaint about the biased media saying the Note 7 is packed full of innovation vs the iPhone 7. Well, it's not just them, just watch any of the popular Youtubers like MBKHD etc... they all say the same thing, "it's packed full of features". No one says that about the iPhone 7. It's because the iPhone executes the features it has well while the Note 7 is packed with tons and tons of features (useless?) with a bigger screen that's curved but has smaller footprint.

    You really can't understand why everyone is saying it's packed???

    I think Apple did well enough considering the iPhone 6ss, I mean 7.  But I do expect them to blow things out of the water with the iPhone 8, can't wait for it.
  • How Donald Trump's election as U.S. President could affect Apple

    Wow, just WOW.

    I'm surprised Apple Insider is going into the realm of propaganda.

    Please cite references when making claims. Trump has not mentioned taxing foreign revenue at 10%, where did you read that?
    Just goto the source: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/policies/tax-plan/?/positions/tax-reform

    He wants to reduce corporate taxes from 35% -> 15%
    He wants to repatriate offshore funds at a one-time rate of 10%, which Tim Cook is actually happy about.

    I think the writer is getting confused with Bernie Sanders who wanted to tax US companies where ever they did business.

    Either Apple Insider made a lazy mistake or is just spewing out false info.
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