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  • Kuo: Demand for new MacBook Pro models tepid due to high prices, disappointing specs

    I see where this guy is coming from. The Touch Bar 13" should be $1500, not $1800 for a 8gb/256gb combo, that's insane going into 2017. The 2016 Macbook is awesome (although needs one more USB-C port). But the same formula of stripping ports away doesn't quite work with the Pro models.
  • Tim Cook says Apple is interested in both content creation and ownership

    ireland said:
    daven said:
    ireland said:
    Big picture the Apple Music efforts thus far are non-existent. They are fun little additions to Apple Music, but not the reason people subscribe. An apps documentary coming to a music service? I don't get it. Apple, please acquire Netflix. They understand new content like no one else and have the best distribution channel in the business. Take 1/4 of your war chest and solve this problem and give Apple TV the one thing it's missing.
    I don't get why people want Apple to buy Netflix. Why not just create a monthly rental option in iTunes that has many of the same viewing options as Netflix or Amazon Prime? It would cut in to iTunes daily rentals but maybe not as much as one would expect as a lot of people,just watch a movie on their Netflix account if it is available.
    Netflix has the kind of streaming customer base Apple can only dream of. They have a huge head-start in this game. Netflix is the name in streaming. Every show or indi movie wants to be on Netflix. But perhaps most important of all, not only do Netflix have a huge head start when it comes to new content creation, but they seem to understand new content creation: this is key. They know what they are doing. It's the missing piece for Apple TV. Buy them, offer a nice discount to ATV owners, take over streaming. And give Netflix the kind of funds they really need to take it to the next level. And all those people who get an ATV? Where do they spend money? How does that app ecosystem go then? You get the picture. A good chance to own the living room in that scenario.

    The have the the interface and the OS, they need the content and a good gaming controller. That's the living room: games, apps, TV, movies—boom.
    Netflix has a talented group no doubt but they are waaaaaay over priced. A much better buy with an equally good team would be Lions Gate, much cheaper and could help fuel their own subscription platform rollout. At this point it's better to build their own and acquire companies that can help it become the next Netflix.

    If they were willing to pay a ridiculous $3B for Beats then they can buy Lions Gate for $2.9B.

    The other acquisition or a large minority stake Apple should look at is, Tesla.
  • Supply chain reaffirms only three new Apple notebooks this fall, likely no 11" MacBook Air

    sog35 said:
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    sog35 said:
    why is Apple so afraid of change?

    IMO, they need to start building iOS laptops and desktops. Why this hasn't happenned blows my mind.

    The fact is 90% of the population does not need a power of an intel desktop. They just need an iOS devices that sync's seamlessly with their phone/tablet/watch.

    Why isn't Apple doing this?

    I'd love to replace my MacMini with an iOS desktop.

    The most expensive part of most Mac's are the intel chips. Replace those $300 chips with a $50 A-series chip. 
    Are you asking for Mac with A-series chips or a Mac with A-series chips + iOS operating system. Because there's no way in hell I want iOS running on my Mac.
    I basically asking for an iOS desktop. No touch screen. Mouse/keyboard input.

    It does not have to run Mac programs, just iOS stuff.  
    Why not just ask for a desktop dock for an iPad Pro?  As long as you can connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse with a few USB ports and usb-c, that's all you really need.  Then millions could have their iOS PC wish for a few hundred bucks.

    The current iPad Pros produce equivalent or higher Geekbench scores than some of their desktop counter parts.
  • Apple's iPhone 7 camera tops competition despite smaller sensor in DxOMark review

    sog35 said:
    Here are the phones with a higher score than the iPhone7:

    HTC 10  - 5.2 inches
    Galaxy S7 - 5.1 inches
    Sony X - 5 inches
    Moto Z - 5.5 inches
    S6 Plus - 5.5 inches
    Sony Z5 - 5.2 inches

    All are significantly LARGER than the 4.7 inch iPhone. Those phones are firmly placed in the phablet category. They will be compared to the 7+

    The iPhone7 is the highest rated non-phablet phone. So yes the headline is 100% correct
    Man, you may want to lighten up on the KoolAid.

    The at these body sizes all the sensors are the same. In fact, the 7 Plus most likely has the same main sensor along with a lesser quality telephoto sensor.

    And as for your sketchy argument, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the same size as the iPhone 6s, so there you go, 100% incorrect headline.

    With that said, AI is a pro Apple site, it's ok if they lean toward Apple's side, although I do think they shouldn't do it so much that it makes Apple users look ridiculous and totally uninformed with inaccurate claims.
  • KGI: iPhone 7 won't sell as well as the iPhone 6s

    I call BS because this year the sales channel is very different.

    1. The iPhone 7 can be had for free on several carriers.

    2. Apple has their yearly upgrade plan.

    3. Multiple carriers now also have their yearly upgrade plans.

    At worse case it'll be even.