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  • Steve Jobs wanted no SIM slot on the original iPhone, says Tony Fadell

    I’m using the eSIM as my primary/only on my 11 series, I have no physical SIM. Took me a while to make my carrier know this was possible and for them to (allow?) activate it, but have used it without problem since. I may never use a physical SIM again. Do think near future will see SIMs disappear.
    People might not know this, but the iPhone 13 has two eSIMs, plus one physical sim slot. Can still only use two at any one time though, at least in May 2022. 
    Just to clarify, non Chinese iPhones since the XR have allowed us to have 2 active phone lines, one SIM and one eSIM, but the iPhone 13 allows us to select 2 eSIMs as the active phone lines. 

    Furthermore, it is likely that the US and other region versions of iPhones could possibly be introduced without a physical SIM within the next couple of years. 

    The original iPhone was with AT&T and therefore required a SIM. If Apple had gone with Verizon (CDMA) it would not have required a SIM but that would have been a terrible decision as we would not have been able to roam in other countries or even parts of the US. 
  • Engineer creates first USB-C AirPods charging case

    First, Apple is already 100% in on USB-C power adapters.

    Second, Apple will switch to USB-C ports on all iPhones and iPads when Apple feels the time is right, not before. The sooner the better. 

    Having said both of the above, we are still stuck with all of the old USB-A power adaptors in hotels, cars, busses, planes, and our homes, meaning that we may have to carry multiple cables or use various adapters on our cables for several years. 

  • Apple will allow alternative payment systems in South Korea App Store

    The details of this will be telling. If it works out and Apple is able to still take a competitive cut of those revenues, it will become the norm worldwide very quickly. As I understand it, the law only applies to in-app payments. So it’s got nothing to do with the App Store. 
    True, but since many if not most Apps have now moved to “freemium”, free to download but in-app payment for premium features, Apple may not get paid to maintain these Apps. 
  • Satechi's new Hybrid Multiport Adapter combines USB hub with SSD storage

    The article fails to mention that the two USB-A ports are DATA ONLY. 
  • Satechi GaN USB-C Wall Chargers: faster, better, cheaper

    dcgoo said:
    Many of the other portable multi-port chargers from various providers on Amazon, or wherever, say that they are PD, which they probably are, but as soon as you plug in a second cable or device, all of the ports revert to, or stay at 5V with a maximum of 15W or less, and they don’t always say so in the big or small print. 
    It depends on the cable chosen. The Lightning cables draw a small amount of current when they plugged in, even when not connected to anything. The USB-C to USB-C cables do not do that. It is small, like .02 mw, but it is enough to detect and knock out the top 100w rate on any other port. Not really a big deal, unless you are in a hurry. If you need that full 100 watt rate, just make sure it is the only thing plugged in to the 3-port brick.  

    [I found this out by using the Zendure PowerTank Pro battery. Its display panel provides details on power in or out on each of its ports.]
    Thanks for the additional information on lightning cables, confirming that they are essentially “active” rather than “passive” (60W or less) USB-C cables. I wonder whether Satechi or others can program their chargers to ignore this?